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World War I - Rolls of Honour

From: The Auckland Weekly News

This magazine is recorded on microfilm and may be accessed at the Auckland City Library.

Commencing with lists published from May, 1915 to October, 1915. See notes and abbreviations.

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

APERAHAMA, H Disembarked at Malta, sickMaori Cont30th Sep 1915 
APPLEGARTH, R Met.War Hosp, Whitchurch, CardiffOtago Batt30th Sep 1915 
APPLEGARTH, R Disch.hosp. Now at Alexandria BaseOtago Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
APPLEGARTH, RPrivateRecovered from sicknessOtago Batt08th Jul 1915 
APPLEGARTH, RobertPteWoundedOtago Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F: Albert L Applegarth, Timaru
APPLETONPrivateMalta ex hosp ship Karoo Aug 19Otago Batt9th Sep 1915 
APPLETON, C Wounded & missingAIB19th Aug 1915Mrs J L Appleton, Marlborough St, Dominion Rd, Auckland
APPLETON, Charlie KIA Cape Helles 7 May 21st Oct 1915Josephine Appleton
APPLETON, Charlie WoundedAk Inf BtnJune 24, 1915Mrs J L Appleton, Dominion Rd, Auckland
APPLETON, Frank Archibald WoundedAMR30th Sep 1915Wm Archibald Appleton, Essex, England
APPLETON, R B Hospital, LiverpoolOtago Batt14th Oct 1915 
APPLETON, Ralph Bruce Wounded 17 June 1915OIB08th Jul 1915F: E Appleton, Herbert, Otago
ARAMAKATU, Herewini KIA Aug 8Maori Cont16th Sep 1915Mrs Anderson, Omaio, Opotiki
ARAMAKUHU, Herewini Wounded & missing since Aug 6Maori Cont2nd Sep 1915Mrs Anderson, Omaio, Opotiki
ARCHER, A LSergeantWoundedAus Forces2nd Sep 1915 
ARCHER, J L/CplInvalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915W Archer, Carrington St, Horse-shore Rd,West Maitland,NSW
ARCHER, J MPteWoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 13, 1915Wm Archer,Carrington St,Horseshoe Rd,W Maitland,NSW
ARCHER, S RL/CplKIACMR15th Jul 1915 
ARCHIBALDCorporalTo England,Demosthenes Aug 28Wgn Batt16th Sep 1915 
ARCHIBALD, John KIA, August 27WMR30th Sep 1915Mrs H Hall, Kermanis, Sasskatchewan
ARCHIBALD, M TCorporalKing Georges Hosp, LondonWgn Batt30th Sep 1915 
ARCHIBALD, W DCplIn hospital MaltaAus Forces16th Aug 1915New Zealander
ARCUS, Archie W E  Invalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915T S Arcus, Carterton
ARCUS, Wm ErnestPteWoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F: T S Arcus, Carterton
ARDERN, Fredk Roy Missing betw. 25 April - 13 MayAk Inf BtnJune 24, 1915B: Albert Lewis Ardern, Union St, Waihi
ARGRAVE, George KIAWIB2nd Sep 1915Mrs A M Argrave, Kent, England
ARGUILE, Clarence Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Joseph Arguile, Leicestershire, England
ARGYLE, Leonard C Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915M: Mrs H J Argyle, Bunnythorpe
ARGYLE, Percival KIAWIB2nd Sep 1915M: Mrs A F Argyle, Bunnythorpe
ARLOW, H V MDriverDisembarked at MaltaHowitzer Bat08th Jul 1915 
ARLOW, H V M Baviere Hosp, Malta, comfortableField Art15th Jul 1915 
ARMITAGE, James Rptd wounded, thighCIB23rd Sep 1915Mrs Carrie Robinson, 12 May St, Bromley, Christchurch
ARMOUR, James Wounded, thighOMR16th Aug 1915F: James Armour, 9 Harbour Tce, Dunedin
ARMSTRONGTrooperSick/wounded, LondonAMR19th Aug 1915 
ARMSTRONG, A Hospital, ManchesterMaori Cont14th Oct 1915 
ARMSTRONG, A C Sick/Wounded, Cairo Gnl HospitalCty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
ARMSTRONG, Alex.Cameron PteWoundedCanty Inf BnMay 13, 1915T Armstrong, Huia Huia, Ratanui, Owaka, Otago
ARMSTRONG, Douglas K Western Hospital, ManchesterWgn Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
ARMSTRONG, Douglas KennedyPteWoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 20, 1915J K Armstrong, England
ARMSTRONG, Edward Rippon KIAWMR2nd Sep 1915F: J E Armstrong, Guyton St, Wanganui
ARMSTRONG, G F NZ Gen.Hosp.Pont de Koubbeh, CairoField Art19th Aug 1915 
ARMSTRONG, H Egyptian Army Hosp., Abassia, CairoCMR12th Aug 1915 
ARMSTRONG, I T Convalescent, AlexandriaAk Batt7th Oct 1915 
ARMSTRONG, Ivan Theodore Wounded, armAIB19th Aug 1915B: Percy Armstrong, ?41 Elizabeth St, Sydney
ARMSTRONG, L J Dangerously ill at MaltaAk Mtd RflJune 24, 1915 
ARMSTRONG, L J Malta hosp.1-14 June, fit for duty EgyptAk Mtd RflsJune 24, 1915 
ARMSTRONG, L J Emb.for England July 31AMR19th Aug 1915 
ARMSTRONG, L JTrooperAndrew's Hosp, Malta, prog.satisAMR15th Jul 1915 
ARMSTRONG, L J Pronounced out of dangerAMR29th Jul 1915 
ARMSTRONG, Leonard CavePteDied of woundsWgtn Inf.BattMay 20, 1915John E Armstrong, Railway Dept., Wanganui
ARMSTRONG, Leonard John WoundedAk Mtd RflsJune 17, 1915Mrs E J Armstrong, Morningside, Auckland
ARMSTRONG, Martin Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915M: Mrs Armstrong, Bulls, Rangitikei
ARMSTRONG, Walter Patrick WoundedAMR9th Sep 1915S: Mrs W I Patterson, Waitoa
ARNOLD Wounded/sick, returned NZArtillery16th Sep 1915 
ARNOLD, Cyril Wm WoundedWgn Mtd RflJune 17, 1915F: Dr Arnold, Waltham, Melton Mowbray, England
ARNOLD, G ACorporalSlightly woundedWgn Batt08th Jul 1915 
ARNOLD, HenryCplKIA April 27Wgtn Inf BtnMay 27, 1915Mrs J Arnold, Hastings St, Napier
ARNOLD, P Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti Artillery2nd Sep 1915 
ARNOLD, P A Emb.for England July 17Wgn Batt29th Jul 1915 
ARNOLD, Percy A  Valetta Hosp, Malta, dangerously illWMR15th Jul 1915 
ARNOLD, Percy AmosCorporalWoundedWIB01st Jul 1915M: Mrs J Arnold, 326 Hastings St, Napier
ARNOLD, R Dangerously illCty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
ARNOLD, R Malta ex hosp ship Valdivia Cty Batt16th Sep 1915 
ARNOLD, R Pronounced out of danger, Sept 17Cty Batt30th Sep 1915 
ARNOLD, RL/CplDied of Wounds July 17CMR5th Aug 1915F: Richard Arnold, Karere, Nelson
ARNOLD, Roland Wounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915Robert Arnold, Bedford, England
ARNOLD, Roland D.of disease, pyaemia (sic)CIB30th Sep 1915Robert Arnold, Bedford, England
ARNOTT, Alexander Greig Reported woundedOMR2nd Sep 1915M: Mrs Elizabeth Arnott, Sandymount, Dunedin
ARNOTT, W N Mil.Hosp. Frensham nr FarnhamWgn Batt30th Sep 1915 
ARNS, C Wounded, London, prog.favourablyAk Batt9th Sep 1915 
ARNS, CPrivateSlightly wounded, disemb.MaltaAIB08th Jul 1915 
ARNS, CPrivateAndrew's Hosp, Malta, prog.satisAk Batt15th Jul 1915 
ARNS, Charles WoundedAIB01st Jul 1915 
ARROWSMITH, Arthur KIA, July 28Field Art19th Aug 1915M: Mrs J Arrowsmith, Burton on Trent
ARTHUR, Hedley Charlie Died of enteric Aug 7 16th Aug 1915Charlie Johnson Arthur, Gonville, Wanganui
ARTHUR, John Returning wounded Willochra Maori Cont21st Oct 1915 
ARTHUR, John Wounded, headMaori Inf16th Aug 1915D Arthur, Waikawa, Picton
ARTHUR, William Vernon Wounded, shoulderOMR19th Aug 1915Mrs Arthur, 129 Bay View Rd, Dunedin
ARTHUR-WORSNOP, A K Am.Wmn's War Hosp, Paignton, Dev.Med Corps30th Sep 1915 
ARTHUR-WORSOP, F H 1st Sthn GH BirminghamMed Corps7th Oct 1915 
ASHBOLTPrivateEmb.hosp ship Esturias Aug 18Wgn Batt9th Sep 1915 
ASHBOLTPrivateWounded, London, prog.favourablyCty Batt9th Sep 1915 
ASHBOLT, A F Emb.for England hosp.ship Somali Cty Batt19th Aug 1915 
ASHBOLT, A F Malta ex Seang Bee[?Boo]Cty Batt22nd Jul 1915 
ASHBOLT, Alf F Wounded June 11CIB01st Jul 1915Mrs M J Ashbolt, 182 Chester St, Christchurch
ASHBOLT, F L Am.Womens War Hosp, Paignton, Dev Wgn Batt23rd Sep 1915 
ASHBOLT, F L Disemb.Matla from hosp.ship Somali WIB19th Aug 1915 
ASHCROFT, H 3rd London General HospitalField Engrs30th Sep 1915 
ASHER, J Hospital, Birmingham, sickAus Forces21st Oct 1915 
ASHLEY, LO L 1st Sthn GH BirminghamCty Batt7th Oct 1915 
ASHLEY, Reginald Arthur T No.17 Gen.Hosp.AlexandriaAMR16th Aug 1915Miss D Ashley, Waitua
ASHMAN, T G D/W ConstantinopleWIB21st Oct 1915 
ASHMAN, Thomas G Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Margt Ashman c/o R H Richards c/o A A Corrigan Ltd, Wgn
ASHMAN, Thomas George POW, ConstantinopleWIB23rd Sep 1915M Ashman c/o R H Richards,Corrigan & Co, Cuba St, Wgtn
ASHMAN, Thomas George Rptd D/W Oct 1, ConstantinopleWIB21st Oct 1915M Ashman c/o Richards, A A Corrigan & Co, Cuba St, Wgtn
ASHMORE?, T G POW, hosp. Constantinople Aug 24WIB30th Sep 1915 
ASHTON, E Hospital, EastleighCty Batt28th Oct 1915 
ASHWORTH, L J Hospital, DundeeWMR14th Oct 1915 
ASHWORTH, Robert Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915E Ashworth, 119 Cobden St, Gisborne
ASHWORTH, Robert WoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F Ashworth, 119 Cobden St, Gisborne
ASHWORTH, W A King George Hosp, LondonCty Batt16th Sep 1915 
ASHWORTH, W A Hospital, ChichesterAk Batt14th Oct 1915 
ASHWORTH, W, convalescentCIB08th Jul 1915 
ASHWORTH, W APrivateRecovered from sicknessCty Batt08th Jul 1915 
ASHWORTH, Whitfield Alfred Wounded, backCIB19th Aug 1915Harry Leonard Ashworth, Dorset, England
ASTLEY, E H D.of wounds, June 23Field Engrs29th Jul 1915F: John E Astley, Albert St, Auckland
ASTON, E H 4th London General HospitalWgn Batt16th Sep 1915 
ASTON, E H Disemb.Malta hosp.ship Sicilia Wgn Batt19th Aug 1915 
ASTON, R Met.War Hosp, Whitchurch, CardiffAk Batt30th Sep 1915 
ATALLAH, N Now convalescentWgn Batt01st Jul 1915 
ATINSON, J Malta ex hosp ship Georgien Aug 27Ak Batt23rd Sep 1915 
ATKEY, E HL/CorporalHospital, BirminghamWgn Batt14th Oct 1915 
ATKINS, A J ManchesterEngineers14th Oct 1915 
ATKINS, Albert James No.17 Gen Hosp, AlexandriaField Engrs16th Aug 1915Mrs E Atkins, Basingstoke, England
ATKINS, Arthur AlbertSergeantWounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915Miss Jessie Morgan, Kumara
ATKINS, J T Bombay Presidency GH, Alex'aAk Batt30th Sep 1915 
ATKINS, W H Convalescent, AlexandriaAk Batt7th Oct 1915 
ATKINS, W HPrivateRecovered, front ex Alex'aAk Batt7th Oct 1915 
ATKINS, William Harold Malta ex hosp ship Valdivia Aug 20AIB9th Sep 1915W G Atkins, Lorne Rd, Crouch Hill, London N
ATKINS, William Harold Wounded, Malta Aug 20AIB9th Sep 1915W G Atkins, Lorne Rd, Crouch Hill, London N
ATKINSON, C MDriverWoundedAus Forces23rd Sep 1915 
ATKINSON, C N WoundedAus Forces23rd Sep 1915B: F L Atkinson, Victoria Rd, Devonport, Auckland
ATKINSON, Gerald Innes Wounded Aug 8OIB9th Sep 1915A H Atkinson, Box 34, Feilding
ATKINSON, H ASergeantDisembarked at MaltaAMR12th Aug 1915 
ATKINSON, H RPrivateSlightly woundedWgn Batt08th Jul 1915 
ATKINSON, H RPrivateAndrew's Hosp, Malta, prog.satisWgn Batt15th Jul 1915 
ATKINSON, H R Embarked for EnglandWgn Batt15th Jul 1915 
ATKINSON, H R Wounded, now at ManchesterWgn Batt22nd Jul 1915 
ATKINSON, H TSergeantKing George's Hospital, LondonAMR23rd Sep 1915 
ATKINSON, H TSergeantSick/wounded, arr.LondonAMR2nd Sep 1915 
ATKINSON, H TSergeantEmb.England Glengorm Castle Aug 6AMR19th Aug 1915 
ATKINSON, Henry Robert WoundedWIB01st Jul 1915F: J W Atkinson, Poplar, London E
ATKINSON, P HCorporalConvalescent, AlexandriaOMR16th Sep 1915 
ATKINSON, Peter HiramCorporalWounded, shoulderOMR19th Aug 1915Mrs Wm Atkinson, England
ATKINSON, R T Beaufort War Hosp, Fishponds, Bristol 23rd Sep 1915 
ATKINSON, R T Disembarked at MaltaOIB12th Aug 1915 
ATKINSON, Reginald Hosp. Ship Delta Aug 7/8CMR16th Aug 1915Mary Jane Atkinson, 503 Madras St, St Albans, Chch
ATKINSON, Richard James Wounded Cty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915F: Nathan Atkinson, Middleham, Yorkshire
ATTALAH, Norman WoundedWIB19th Aug 1915Simon Attalah, Palmerston North
ATTALAH, Norman Recovered, returned to frontWgn Batt22nd Jul 1915 
ATTWOOD, Edward Bennett Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915P A Attwood, Falmouth, Cornwall, England
ATWOOD, J Hospital, ManchesterCMR14th Oct 1915 
ATWOOD, James Rptd wounded Aug 21CMR23rd Sep 1915F: William Atwood, Blenheim
ATYEO, F Convalescent, AlexandriaMed Corps14th Oct 1915 
AUBREY, R A Indian Gnl Hosp.No.5, AlexandriaAk Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
AUDREY, R A Mil.Hospital, Bethnal Green, LondonAk Batt16th Sep 1915 
AUKUHATA, Orehau Reported wounded, armMaori Cont2nd Sep 1915Hikuwera Akuhata (sic), Hastings
AULD, Robert Wilson Wounded, head, severeWIB16th Aug 1915Thomas Auld, Aramoho, Wanganui
AULD, Robertt WilsonCorporalDied of woundsWIB9th Sep 1915F: Thos Auld, Aramoho
AULD, WSgt MajorNetley Hospital, LondonCIB08th Jul 1915 
AULD, William Wounded Cty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915W Auld, North Street, Timaru
AULD, William Wounded, arr. Malta June 4Cty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
AULD, Wm Died of wounds May 9Canty Inf BtnJune 3, 1915J Auld, Stirling Bridge, Lanarkshire, Scotland
AURTHER-WORSOP, Archibald K Wounded, head & legMed Corps30th Sep 1915J K Arthur-Worsop, 22 Argyle St, Wanganui
AUSTEN, Stanley Geo WoundedAk Inf BtnJune 10, 1915George Austen, 19 Waverley St, Auckland
AUSTIN, A  St Thomas' Hosp, LondonCty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
AUSTIN, Albert Henry Rptd wounded Aug 22CIB23rd Sep 1915F: A W Austin, Timaru
AUSTIN, J J Discharged convalescentWMR15th Jul 1915 
AUSTIN, James Joseph Missing, Aug 28WMR30th Sep 1915F: J Austin, clyde River, NSW
AUSTIN, James Joseph Am.Womens Hosp, ManchesterWMR7th Oct 1915J Austin, Clyde River, NSW
AUSTIN, Thomas Edward Wounded, legAIB16th Aug 1915F: T Austin, Dargaville, Auckland
AVERIS, Frank George Rptd missing Aug 9OIB23rd Sep 1915F: Daniel Averis, Kingsdown, Timaru
AVERY, C CPrivateWoundedAIBMay 13, 1915M: Mrs Mary A Avery, Shelbourne St, Nelson
AVERY, C C Wounded, Birmingham Hosp, 6 MayAk BattnMay 20, 1915M: Mrs Mary A Avery, Shelbourne St, Nelson
AVERY, C C Wounded, in Southern General Hosp, BirminghamAk Inf.BattJune 3, 1915M: Mrs M A Avery, Nelson
AVERY, J NZ Gen.Hosp.Pont de Koubbeh, CairoWMR19th Aug 1915 
AWATAPU, Ngaki WoundedMaori Cont7th Oct 1915Te Ari Turuturu,k Te Puke
AWEKOUTU, K 1st Sthn GH BirminghamMaori Cont7th Oct 1915 
AXEBY, H S 1st Sthn GH BirminghamWMR7th Oct 1915 
AXEBY, Harold Sidley WoundedWMR30th Sep 1915F: A E Axeby, North Hornsey, London
AYLING, Frank Ernest KIAOtago Inf BtnJune 24, 1915Frank Ayling, 56 McMaster St, Invercargill
AYLING, Herbert Died of fever July 14Field Art12th Aug 1915S Ayling, district accountant, Thames
AYLWARD, E E Ex hosp ship Ionian Sept 1Ak Batt23rd Sep 1915 
AYLWARD, E E Hospital, BirminghamAk Batt14th Oct 1915 
AYR, C Rptd missing 25 April-3 MayCanty Inf BtnMay 27, 1915MrsH Ayr, Juequa Bungoina via Marvlan, NSW
AYTON, J Ex hosp ship Ionian Sept 1Cty Batt23rd Sep 1915 

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

July, 2001