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World War I - Rolls of Honour

From: The Auckland Weekly News

This magazine is recorded on microfilm and may be accessed at the Auckland City Library.

Commencing with lists published from May, 1915 to October, 1915. See notes and abbreviations.

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

GIBB, A Convalescent, AlexandriaOIB16th Aug 1915 
GIBB, D KBombardierConvalescent, AlexandriaField Art16th Sep 1915 
GIBB, G Malta ex hosp ship Ascania Otago Batt16th Sep 1915 
GIBB, G Suffolk Hall Hosp, CheltenhamOtago Batt30th Sep 1915 
GIBB, J S Bombay Presidency GH, Alex'aOtago Batt30th Sep 1915 
GIBB, John William KIA Aug 27Field Engrs23rd Sep 1915M: Mrs S Gibb, Oamaru
GIBB, W In hospital MaltaAus Forces16th Aug 1915New Zealander
GIBBENS, Alfred Langley Philip  WoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 20, 1915Wife: Elizabeth Gibbens, 30 Hospital St, Grey
GIBBIN, W R Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti CIB2nd Sep 1915 
GIBBISON, F B MSergeantPronounced out of danger, Oct 4AMR28th Oct 1915 
GIBBISON, Francis BertramSergeantWounded, arm & legAMR16th Aug 1915W Gibbison, Te Mata, Raglan
GIBBISON, Francis Bertram Mitford SgtWoundedAk Mtd RflsJune 24, 1915W Gibbison, Te Mata, Raglan
GIBBON, M Invalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915W Gibbon, Aberaran, Wales
GIBBON, W DSgt MajorDist.Hosp., Ak: arm injury 22nd Jul 1915 
GIBBON, Wm DavidBuglerWoundedAk Inf.Batt May 27, 1915F: W Gibbon, Aberaven, Wales
GIBBONS To England,Demosthenes Aug 28Ak Batt16th Sep 1915 
GIBBONS, E E King George's Hospital, LondonAk Batt7th Oct 1915 
GIBBONS, E E Disemb.Malta hosp.ship Sicilia Ak Batt19th Aug 1915 
GIBBONS, W DPteAk Hosp: Fracture R arm15th Nth Ak22nd Jul 1915Rawene, Hokianga
GIBBS, Charles Clifford KIA May 8CIB01st Jul 1915F: C J Gibbs, Kakiri, Westland
GIBBS, Chas Gifford Rptd missing May 15Cty Inf BtnJune 17, 1915C J Gibbs, Kokari, Westland
GIBBS, D Convalescent, AlexandriaCty Batt7th Oct 1915 
GIBBS, FSapperPont de Koubbeh hosp.CairoNZ Field EngJune 24, 1915 
GIBBS, F C Wounded, London, prog.favourablyWgn Batt9th Sep 1915 
GIBBS, Frank Charles Wounded, armWIB16th Sep 1915Mrs A A Gibbs, Old Kent Rd, London EC
GIBBS, G A C Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti CIB2nd Sep 1915 
GIBBS, G A C Convalescent camp, AlexandriaCty Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
GIBBS, G A C Now convalescentCty Batt01st Jul 1915 
GIBBS, G Arthur Chas Wounded/sick, returned to NZCIB16th Sep 1915 
GIBBS, Geo Arthur ChasPteWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 20, 1915Jane Gibbs, 37 Matilda St, Timaru
GIBBS, Geo Arthur Chas Prev.rptd dang. Ill - convalescentCty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915M: Mrs Jane McIntosh, 37 Matilda St, Timaru
GIBBS, I Co.of London War Hosp, ManchesterCty Batt7th Oct 1915 
GIBBS, JCplWoundedAus Forces01st Jul 1915New Zealander
GIBBS, Joseph Henry Reported wounded legWIB2nd Sep 1915Mary Gibbs, Mangatere
GIBBS, L JLieutenant1st London General HospitalCty Batt30th Sep 1915 
GIBBS, L W Convalescent, AlexandriaCMR7th Oct 1915 
GIBBS, L WTrooperRecovered, front ex Alex'aCMR7th Oct 1915 
GIBBS, Leslie Walter Wounded, armCMR16th Aug 1915S: Mrs A Lock, Ellesmere, Christchurch
GIBBS, Loftus JosephLieutWoundedCty Inf BtnJune 10, 1915Mrs L Gibbs, Main St, Reefton
GIBBS, Perc. FrancisSapperWoundedField EngrsMay 13, 1915M: Mrs J Heyder, Makirikiri, Wanganui
GIBBS, R Embarked for EnglandCMR28th Oct 1915 
GIBBS, R J 5th Sthn Gen Hosp,Portsmouth Sep 1Cty Batt16th Sep 1915 
GIBBS, R J Disembarked at MaltaCty Batt22nd Jul 1915 
GIBBS, Roy WoundedCMR01st Jul 1915John Gibbs, East Takaka, Nelson
GIBBS, T LLieutenantConvalescent, AlexandriaCMR16th Aug 1915 
GIBBS, Thomas LomasLieutenant1st Aus Hosp, Heliopolis, July 9CMR15th Jul 1915W:Mrs Margaret Gibbs, Hinds
GIBBS, Thos LomanLieutWoundedCMR08th Jul 1915W: Mrs Margaret Gibbs, Hinds
GIBBS, W J Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti Engineers2nd Sep 1915 
GIBBS, W J Wounded/sick, returned NZEngineers16th Sep 1915 
GIBBSON, B Malta ex hosp ship Valdivia Ak Batt16th Sep 1915 
GIBISONTrooperDangerously illAMR16th Sep 1915 
GIBLIN, Wilfred Robert Returning to NZ for convalescenceCIB16th Sep 1915 
GIBLIN, Wilfred Robt WoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F: Giblin, Stoke, Nelson
GIBSON 19th Gen Hosp, Alex'a, Sept 4Ak Batt16th Sep 1915 
GIBSONSergeantEmbarked for EnglandCty Batt16th Sep 1915 
GIBSON Invalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915 
GIBSON, A LPteHospital, MaltaAus Forces12th Aug 1915New Zealander
GIBSON, Benjamin Wounded Aug 10AIB9th Sep 1915W Gibson, 2 Victoria Rd, Kirkcaldy, Scotland
GIBSON, Bertram Clarence Hospital ship Delta Aug 8 OIB19th Aug 1915M: Mrs Louisa Gibson, 36 Sussex Ave, Montreal, Canada
GIBSON, Bertram James KIA July 23Field Engrs12th Aug 1915Mrs M Gibson, 15 Albany St, Herne Bay, Auckland
GIBSON, E  1st Aust Gen Hosp Aug 16Cty Batt9th Sep 1915 
GIBSON, Edwin Mansfield Wounded, lungCIB9th Sep 1915Percy Gibson, 41 Eldon St, North Rd, Darlington
GIBSON, Ernest StanleySergeantWounded, legCIB16th Aug 1915Mrs Gibson, Church St, Timaru
GIBSON, F L Sick/Wounded, Cairo Gnl HospitalAk Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
GIBSON, F LPteReturned home 22nd Jul 1915Thames
GIBSON, G Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti CMR2nd Sep 1915 
GIBSON, George Wounded/sick, returned NZCMR16th Sep 1915 
GIBSON, H J Mil.Hospital, Bethnal Green, LondonCty Batt16th Sep 1915 
GIBSON, H JPteWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 13, 1915Mrs Margaret A Gibson, Church St, Timaru
GIBSON, Herbert James Wounded (2nd)CIB2nd Sep 1915M: Mrs Margaret Gibson, Church St, Timaru
GIBSON, James Burton Died of wounds Sept 5AIB30th Sep 1915F: Robert Gibson, Kirkcaldie, Scotland
GIBSON, MSergeant1st Sthn GH BirminghamCty Batt7th Oct 1915 
GIBSON, Noel Pairman Missing, Aug 28AMR30th Sep 1915F R Gibson, Leewin Rd, Epsom
GIBSON, Silas John Rptd missingCMR23rd Sep 1915B: C H Gibson, Murchison, Nelson
GIBSON, T W Mil.Hosp, Newend, HampsteadOMR16th Sep 1915 
GIBSON, Wm Edward KIA 12th Aug 1915W Gibson, 32 Mafeking Rd, Plaistow, London EC
GICK, L Pronounced out of dangerField Amb30th Sep 1915 
GICK, L Birmingham HospitalMed Corps14th Oct 1915 
GIDDINGS, FPrivateWoundedAIBMay 13, 1915G Giddings, Kimbolton, Huntingdon, England
GIESLER, GPrivateReturned to dutyAus Forces30th Sep 1915 
GIFFORD, Robert Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Alex Gifford, Dunfermline, Scotland
GIFFORD-MOORE, D 17th GH, AlexandriaWgn Batt23rd Sep 1915 
GILBERT, C 3rd London General HospitalOtago Batt30th Sep 1915 
GILBERT, C 19th Gen.Hosp, AlexandriaOtago Batt19th Aug 1915 
GILBERT, D Sick/wdd, Greek Hosp., Alexandria Cty BtnJune 10, 1915 
GILBERT, DPrivateMilitary Hospital, ExeterCIB08th Jul 1915 
GILBERT, Duncan WoundedCty Inf BtnJune 17, 1915James Gilbert, 4 Wardlaw Dr, Rutherglen, Scotland
GILBERT, H  Invalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915S J Gilbert, 2 Morrison St, Caversham, Dunedin
GILBERT, HarryPteWoundedOtago Inf.BattMay 13, 1915F: Stephen James Gilbert, 2 Morrison St, Caversham
GILBERT, Montague Wounded, legAMR19th Aug 1915M: Mrs L A Gilbert,Box 161, Wanganui
GILBERT, N King George's Hospital, LondonAIB23rd Sep 1915 
GILBERT, Neville WoundedAIB16th Sep 1915F: Thos Gilbert, Woodlands, Napier Rd, Woodville
GILES, Charles Pedlar Wounded, forearmWIB16th Aug 1915F: W Giles, Camberwell Rd, Hawera
GILES, D WA Wounded, armAIB30th Sep 1915 
GILES, HActg CplKIAAIB2nd Sep 1915W C Giles, Tymana, Penytminister, South Wales
GILES, P B Invalided to LondonAk Batt12th Aug 1915 
GILES, Peter B Sick/Wounded, Cairo Gnl HospitalAk Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
GILES, W J 17th Gen Hosp, AlexandriaDiv Train30th Sep 1915 
GILKES, George Charles D.of disease Aug 23 23rd Sep 1915Henry M Gilkes, St Albans, Christchurch
GILKES, George Charles Rptd wounded Aug 23AIB23rd Sep 1915F: H M Gilkes, 28 Mersey St, St Albans
GILLTrooperSick/wounded, LondonCMR19th Aug 1915 
GILL, Archibald John Died of wounds Aug 7OIB2nd Sep 1915Mrs Miller Snr, Box 19, Tuatapere
GILL, Archibald JohnPteWoundedOtago Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F: Richard Gill, Nightcaps
GILL, D G New Court Hosp, CheltenhamCty Batt30th Sep 1915 
GILL, Donald Douglas Wounded July 8CIB5th Aug 1915Alfred George Gill, Wakapuaka, Nelson
GILL, Edward Died of wounds, Aug 12CIB16th Aug 1915John Gill, Taihape
GILL, Elvet Billany Wounded, Aug 27, shoulderField Engrs23rd Sep 1915C J Gill, Church St, Palmerston North
GILL, J King Georges Hospital, LondonAMR30th Sep 1915 
GILL, John WoundedAMR9th Sep 1915F: J Gill, Dodwell, Devon, England
GILLANDERS, C M Hospital, BristolAMR14th Oct 1915 
GILLANDERS, Charles McRae WoundedAMR9th Sep 1915C Gillanders, Ngaruawahia
GILLANDERS, Hamilton George Rptd wounded Aug 28WMR23rd Sep 1915F: H K Gillanders, Upper Riccarton, Canterbury
GILLANDERS, Hamilton George D/D, NZ Gen Hosp, Cairo, Sept 15WMR30th Sep 1915F: M K Gillanders, Upr Riccarton, Christchurch
GILLANDERS, V F Arr. 3rd Western Gen Hosp,CardiffOMR16th Sep 1915 
GILLARD, FrederickL/CplKIA Aug 8AMR2nd Sep 1915Mrs T Gillard, East Tamaki
GILLESPIE, A R Wounded, London, prog.favourablyAk Batt9th Sep 1915 
GILLESPIE, Arthur RichardSergeantWounded Aug 9AIB9th Sep 1915W: Mrs Lizzie Gillespie, Burnside, Albany, Auckland
GILLESPIE, Arthur RichardPteWounded Ak Inf.Batt May 20, 1915Wife: Mrs L Gillespie, Burnside, Albany
GILLESPIE, F Died of fever Aug 2OIB12th Aug 1915F: G F Gillespie, Oturehua, Central Otago
GILLESPIE, J F Malta ex hospital ship Maheno Field Art7th Oct 1915 
GILLETTLieutenantReturning wounded Tofua Staff21st Oct 1915 
GILLETT, Lawrence HenryLieutenantReported wounded AIB19th Aug 1915F: Richard Gillett, The Drive, Epsom, Auckland
GILLETT, William John KIAOMR2nd Sep 1915W H Gillett, Sebastapol, Victoria
GILLIES, D J Convalescent, AlexandriaAk Batt16th Sep 1915 
GILLING, A Convalescent, AlexandriaOtago Batt14th Oct 1915 
GILLINGHAM, A HCorporalMet.War Hosp, Whitchurch, CardiffCMR30th Sep 1915 
GILLINGHAM, Allan KIAOtago Inf BtnJune 24, 1915James Gillingham, Bright St, Cobden, Greymouth
GILLINGHAM, Allan HenryCorporalRptd wounded Aug 21CMR23rd Sep 1915Francis Robert Gillingham, Fairlie
GILLMAN, T2nd LieutAt Malta, slightly sickOtago Batt30th Sep 1915 
GILLON, W King George's Hospital, LondonOtago Batt23rd Sep 1915 
GILLON, Walter Wounded Aug 7OIB9th Sep 1915W: Mrs Gillon c/o J Stone, Musselburgh, Dunedin
GILMAN, John JamesSgtMissingOtago Inf BtnJune 17, 1915James Gilman, Tweed St, Invercargill
GILMORE, Farquhar McRae Wounded, hand & footCIB19th Aug 1915M: Mrs Mary Gilmore, Great Haddon Hall, Chelmsford, Essex
GILMORE, J Floriana Hosp, Malta, prog.satis.OIB15th Jul 1915 
GILMORE, T J Wounded, arr. Malta June 4Otago Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
GILMOURCaptainReturning wounded Tofua Staff21st Oct 1915 
GILMOUR, J BCplReturning NZ Willochra Otago BtnJune 17, 1915 
GILMOUR, J BL/CplInvalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915W T Gilmour, 102 Walker St, Dunedin
GILMOUR, J K M Disembarked at Malta, sickField Art7th Oct 1915 
GILMOUR, James BrycePteWoundedOtago Inf.BattMay 13, 1915F: Wm Thoms Gilmour, 102 Walker St, Dunedin
GILMOUR, O L Disembarked, Malta, sickArtillery28th Oct 1915 
GILMOUR, O L Discharged, convalescentField Art19th Aug 1915 
GILMOUR, S G Egyptian Army Hosp., Abassia, CairoWMR12th Aug 1915 
GILRAY, David MasonL/CplWoundedWMR30th Sep 1915F: Dr T Gilray, Roslyn, Dunedin
GILROY, F W Disemb. Malta, sickArtillery28th Oct 1915 
GILSHAMAN, S E Convalescent, AlexandriaWgn Batt16th Sep 1915 
GINDERS, Joseph Edward Died of wounds Aug 14CIB23rd Sep 1915M: Mrs Thos Ginders, Crewe, England
GINDERS, Joseph Edward Wounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915Mrs Thos Ginders, Crewe, England
GIRSLER, GPrivateDischarged from hospital, EnglandAus Forces01st Jul 1915 
GIRVAN, Allan G Pont de Koubbeh hosp.CairoOtago BtnJune 24, 1915 
GIRVAN, Allan GeorgePteWoundedOtago Inf.BattMay 20, 1915M: Mrs Elizabeth Girvan, 26 Dundas St, Dunedin
GIRVEN, R W Malta, slightly sickAMR23rd Sep 1915 
GIRVEN, R W Hospital, BirminghamAMR14th Oct 1915 
GLANVILLE, R B Hospital, LondonAus Forces14th Oct 1915 
GLANVILLE, R RPrivateIllAus Forces28th Oct 1915 
GLANVILLE, W Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti CIB2nd Sep 1915 
GLANVILLE, William Wounded/sick, returned to NZCIB16th Sep 1915 
GLANVILLE, William Pont del Kubba Hosp., Cairo, June 24CIB01st Jul 1915 
GLASGOW, John MCorporalRptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915William Glasgow, 96 Wilson St, Wanganui
GLASGOW, R V Hospital, Cardiff Wgn Batt28th Oct 1915 
GLASGOW, RobertCorporalWoundedWIB01st Jul 1915B: Wm Glasgow, 26 Welson St, Wanganui
GLASGOW, W T Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti Field Amb2nd Sep 1915 
GLASGOW, Wilfred Thomson Wounded/sick, returned NZField Amb16th Sep 1915 
GLASGOW, William C Died of disease, Heliopolis, Sept 17WMR30th Sep 1915Stewart Wm Glasgow, Tuakau
GLASS, A Discharged as convalescentAMR2nd Sep 1915 
GLASS, AlexanderL/CplWounded Aug 7OIB9th Sep 1915W: Mrs E Glass, Edendale, Southland
GLASS, Alexander Wounded June 14AMR01st Jul 1915Miss Glass, Waiuku
GLASS, E R 1st Sthn Gen Hosp, BirminghamAMR30th Sep 1915 
GLASS, E R Egyptian Army Hosp. CairoAMR12th Aug 1915 
GLASS, Ernest Robert WoundedAMR30th Sep 1915F: William T Glass, Bedford, England
GLASS, H A 17th Gen Hosp, AlexandriaAMR15th Jul 1915 
GLASS, R C Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti OIB2nd Sep 1915 
GLASS, Robert Charles Returning to hospital NZOIB16th Sep 1915 
GLASS, Robert ChasSgtWounded 17 June 1915OIB08th Jul 1915Charles Glass, Warrington, Otago
GLASS, Robt CharlesCplMissingOtago Inf BtnJune 17, 1915F: Charles Glass, Warrington, Otago
GLASSFORD, GSergeantConvalescent, AlexandriaWIB16th Aug 1915 
GLASSFORD, G JSergeantAdm. Pont Koubba HospitalWgn Batt5th Aug 1915 
GLASTONBURY, FSergeantAm.Womens War Hosp, Paignton, Dev Otago Batt23rd Sep 1915 
GLASTONBURY, FCplWounded Otago Inf.BattMay 6, 1915 
GLASTONBURY, FCorporalWoundedOIBMay 6, 1915 
GLASTONBURY, F Sick/wdd, Cairo: returned to FrontOtago Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
GLASTONBURY, FSergeant19th Gen.Hosp, AlexandriaOtago Batt19th Aug 1915 
GLEDHILL G Disch.hosp. Now at Alexandria BaseAk Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
GLEDHILL, G Met.War Hosp, Whitchurch, CardiffAk Batt30th Sep 1915 
GLEDHILL, GPrivateWounded, footAk BattMay 6, 1915 
GLEDHILL, G Recovered - returned to the FrontAIB19th Aug 1915 
GLEDHILL, Gerald ConvalescentAk Inf BtnJune 17, 1915Mrs M E Gledhill, 29 Franklin Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland
GLEE, P H Disch. Hospital - convalescentWgn Batt5th Aug 1915 
GLEE, P HPrivateConvalescentWgn Batt29th Jul 1915 
GLEESON, F C ManchesterEngineers14th Oct 1915 
GLEESON, J Wounded, rejoined regtAIB21st Oct 1915S: Mrs J Gallagher, Bradford St, Parnell
GLEESON, John WoundedAIB9th Sep 1915S: Mrs J Gallagher, Bradford St, Parnell
GLEESON, John Wounded (2nd) Sept 16AIB21st Oct 1915S: Mrs J Gallagher, Bradford St, Parnell
GLEESON, Robert Louis Missing, Aug 28AMR30th Sep 1915M: Mrs Margaret Gleeson, Mountain Rd, Epsom
GLEN, Aleck Wounded, septic handOIB14th Oct 1915John Glen, 9 Erin St, Roslyn, Dunedin
GLEN, Archibald Jas WoundedWIB30th Sep 1915M: Mrs Margaret Glen, 260 Oliviers Rd, Linwood
GLEN, J W Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti OIB2nd Sep 1915 
GLEN, John Stuart KIA 9 May 1915CIB08th Jul 1915R W Glen, 20 Stratford St, Fendalton, Christchurch
GLENDINING, H CCaptainDisembarked at MaltaMR Brig7th Oct 1915 
GLENDINING, H CCaptainHospital, LondonHQ14th Oct 1915 
GLENDINNING, R Met.War Hosp, Whitchurch, CardiffWgn Batt30th Sep 1915 
GLENN, James Wm Wounded/sick, returned NZOIB16th Sep 1915 
GLENNY, George Herbert D/D, Sept 25, MudrosWIB7th Oct 1915Joseph Glenny, Clark St, Kingsland, Auckland
GLENTWORTH, G A Convalescent, AlexandriaWgn Batt7th Oct 1915 
GLOVER, Alfred Harris Rptd missing Aug 21CMR16th Sep 1915Mrs Susan A Glovr, Blackball, Havelock
GLOVER, C H St Thomas' Hosp, LondonCMR23rd Sep 1915 
GLOVER, Charles Henry Rptd wounded Aug 21CMR23rd Sep 1915J Glover, Havelock, Pelorus
GLOVER, Chas H Gladstone Returning wounded Willochra Ak Batt21st Oct 1915 
GLOVER, FPteWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 13, 1915F: Wm Glover, 96 Radford St, Coventry, England
GLOVER, Fred Sick/Wounded, Cairo Gnl HospitalCty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
GLOVER, John Thrift WoundedWIB9th Sep 1915Fredk Glover c/o Mrs Neil, Lower High St, Dannevirke
GLYNN, Edmund Malta ex hosp ship Scotian Sept 10Ak Batt23rd Sep 1915Michael Glynn, Panmure Rd, Otahuhu
GODBY, G Bethnal Green Mil.Hosp, LondonOtago Batt30th Sep 1915 
GODDARD, H Hospital CambridgeVet Corps14th Oct 1915 
GODDARD, H Dangerously ill, pneumoniaNZ Vet Corp16th Aug 1915 
GODFREY, David D.on board Soudan CMR23rd Sep 1915F: Henry C Godfrey, Roxton, Fendalton
GODFREY, David Rptd wounded Aug 21CMR23rd Sep 1915Henry C Godfrey, Fendalton, Christchurch
GODFREY, Henry Albert Missing, Aug 28AMR30th Sep 1915F: Henry Godfrey, Fulham, London, SW
GODFREY, J A Discharged convalescentCty Batt12th Aug 1915 
GODFREY, J A Recovered, returned to the FrontCty Batt16th Aug 1915 
GODFREY, J D Malta ex hosp ship Andonia Aug 21Cty Batt16th Sep 1915 
GODFREY, James Alfred WoundedCty Inf BtnJune 17, 1915John Godfrey, Survey Office, Auckland
GODFREY, John Douglas Wounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915Henry Chas Godfrey, Lichfield St, Christchurch
GODFREY, R B Disemb.Malta Neuralia sickNZMR HQ12th Aug 1915 
GODFREY, Sidney Gadsby NZFG Pont de Koubbeh Sept 19Field Art30th Sep 1915Mrs S D Godfrey, Brixton, London, S W
GODKIN, NPrivateNetley Hospital, LondonAIB08th Jul 1915 
GODWIN, Neville Herbert Wounded April 25Field Art30th Sep 1915R C Godwin, Northumberland Ave, London
GOLD, Robert Henry Reported missing Aug 7CIB9th Sep 1915F: James Gold, People's Palace, Auckland
GOLD, W D Front from Alexandria 23rd Sep 1915 
GOLD, W D Disembarked at MaltaCMR12th Aug 1915 
GOLD, Wm David Wounded hip, July 9CMR5th Aug 1915F: William Gold, Kowai Bush
GOLDFINCH, Wm RichardCorporalWounded, thighWIB16th Aug 1915M: Mrs M Goldfinch, Latham St, Napier
GOLDING, Ernest Alexander Wounded, thighCIB16th Aug 1915W Golding, Bromley, Kent
GOLDING, Joseph Patrick Wounded, leg & thigh, severeAIB19th Aug 1915Joseph Goulding, Taingetu, King Country
GOLDING, S WPrivateAndrew's Hosp, Malta, prog.satisWgn Batt15th Jul 1915 
GOLDING, Sidney Wm WoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 20, 1915Mrs J Golding, Street Farm, Ashen Clare, Suffolk
GOLDSACK, Alfred Geo MissingOtago Inf BtnJune 17, 1915George Goldsack, London Rd, Canterbury, Kent
GOLDSMITH, ArthurCplVictoria College Hosp., AlexandriaField Art BrigJune 10, 1915 
GOLDSMITH, Arthur Adm. Netley Hosp, EnglandField Art22nd Jul 1915 
GOLDSMITH, Arthur Wallace CplWoundedField Art BrigJune 17, 1915Mrs W G Blight, Smithfield, Wanganui
GOLDSTONE, C Malta, wounded, Aug 27Field Engrs23rd Sep 1915 
GOLDSTONE, C Mil.Hosp. Frensham nr FarnhamField Engrs30th Sep 1915 
GOLDSTONE, Chas Wounded, Aug 13, abdomenEngineers9th Sep 1915M: Mrs JE Goldstone Snr, Frasertown, Hawkes Bay
GOLLOP C TSgt MajorSick/Wounded, Cairo Gnl HospitalField ArtJune 24, 1915 
GOLLOP, C T Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti Artillery2nd Sep 1915 
GOLLOP, Charles Thomas Wounded/sick, returned NZArtillery16th Sep 1915 

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

July, 2001