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World War I - Rolls of Honour

From: The Auckland Weekly News

This magazine is recorded on microfilm and may be accessed at the Auckland City Library.

Commencing with lists published from May, 1915 to October, 1915. See notes and abbreviations.

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

PEAT, Arthur Charles KIA Aug 7OIB16th Sep 1915F: D Peat, Middlemarch
PEATLING, L Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti CIB2nd Sep 1915 
PECK, A E Lord Derby's War Hosp, Warrington 30th Sep 1915 
PECK, Albert Edward Wounded, thigh & buttockCMR23rd Sep 1915F: N B Peck, St Clair, Dunedin
PECK, G A ConvalescentCMR12th Aug 1915 
PECK, G ATrooperSlightly wounded, disemb.MaltaCMR08th Jul 1915 
PECK, George Albain Malta ex hosp ship Deranaha Sept 4CMR23rd Sep 1915M B Peck, West Avenue, St Clair, Dunedin
PECK, W New End Mil Hosp, HampsteadWgn Batt30th Sep 1915 
PECK, Wilfred Wounded, shoulderWIB19th Aug 1915Waitotara, Dannevirke
PEDDIE, A D Malta ex Ascanius Aug 31WMR23rd Sep 1915 
PEDDIE, Alexander Dunbar WoundedWMR30th Sep 1915W: Mrs Myrtle Gladys Peddie, Taradale, Napier
PEDDIE, T Lady Godley's Conv.Home, AlexandriaField EngrsJune 10, 1915 
PEDDIE, T Recovered - returned to the frontField Engrs5th Aug 1915 
PEDDIE, Tom ConvalescentField EngrsJune 17, 1915Mrs Mary Peddie, 85 Belville St, Greenock, Scotland
PEDERSEN, Edward Wounded Aug 8WIB9th Sep 1915J Pedersen, Wangaehu
PEDERSEN, HPrivateConvalescentWIB15th Jul 1915 
PEDERSEN, Herbert WoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F: P O Pedersen, Matapere nr Dannevirke
PEDERSON, H Convalescent, AlexandriaWgn Batt19th Aug 1915 
PEDLER, T J Convalescent camp, AlexandriaOtago Mtd RflJune 10, 1915 
PEDLER, Thos James In hospitalOtago Mtd RfJune 17, 1915Samuel Pedler, Clifton St, Invercargill
PEDOFSKY, A Sick/wounded, going to EnglandOtago Batt23rd Sep 1915 
PEDOFSKY, A 1st Sthn GH, BirminghamOtago Batt30th Sep 1915 
PEED, Edward SidneySergeantWoundedWMR2nd Sep 1915F: E Peed, Tiriau, Kawa, Mataroa
PEEK, G A NZ Hospital, WaltonCMR30th Sep 1915 
PEERLESS, W RLt ColonelAt Malta, slightly sickMed Corps30th Sep 1915 
PEERLESS, Walter RelfLt ColDeaconess Hosp, AlexandriaCty BtnJune 17, 1915Marion L Pearless(sic), Wakefield, Nelson
PEERS, B 3rd Western Gen Hosp, CardiffWgn Batt16th Sep 1915 
PEERS, GeorgeL/CplWoundedWgn Inf BtnJune 17, 1915Richard Peers, Wakarara, Waipapa
PEFFERS, James Laird Wounded Aug 8Field Engrs16th Sep 1915F: Mr C Peffers, Waverley
PEGG, J L Hospital, DundeeOMR14th Oct 1915 
PEGG, John Langfield Malta ex hosp ship Scotian Sept 10OMR23rd Sep 1915Wilford & Levi, solicitors, Wellington
PEHIMANA, Ngawakataurua TetahurSergeantWounded, chest & armMaori Inf16th Aug 1915Pehimana Te Tahua, Patea
PEISLEY, H GColWounded, svg with Australian forces June 3, 1915 
PEISLEY, H ICplCasualties: NZers with Australians May 20, 1915 
PEKE, Hautangi Wounded Aug 6Maori Cont16th Sep 1915M: Ipipera Ahurei, Paeroa
PELVIN, BPrivateDisembarked MaltaAus Forces28th Oct 1915 
PELVIN, BGunnerMalta ex Maheno, Sept 23, sickAus Forces21st Oct 1915 
PEMBERTON, S Front from Alexandria 23rd Sep 1915 
PEMBERTON, S Baviere Hosp, Malta, prog. Satis.AIB15th Jul 1915 
PEMBERTON, SamuelPteWoundedAk Inf.Batt May 20, 1915F: Mr G Pemberton, Taurana
PENDER, F J Recovered, returned to the FrontCty Batt16th Aug 1915 
PENDER, F JPrivateDischarged hosp., convalescentCty Batt08th Jul 1915 
PENDRAY, J J Convalescent, AlexandriaWMR16th Sep 1915 
PENDRAY, J J Recovered, sent to front from Alex'aWMR30th Sep 1915 
PENDRAY, William James Wounded WMR2nd Sep 1915M: Mrs M J Pendray, Matamata, Rotorua
PENEAMENE, Tieke Wounded 9th Sep 1915Hohepa Peneamena, Morvern, Timaru
PENEAMENE, Tumaru D/W 1st Sthn GH Birmingham Sept 1Maori Cont7th Oct 1915Hohepa Peneamene, Morven, Timaru
PENEMENE, T 1st Gen Hosp, BirminghamMaori Cont30th Sep 1915 
PENETITO, H 1st Sthn GH BirminghamMaori Cont7th Oct 1915 
PENLINGTON, L C Egyptian Army Hosp. CairoCMR12th Aug 1915 
PENMAN, E J KIAAk Mtd RflsJune 17, 1915J A Penman, Mt Albert, Auckland
PENN, John Basil Military Hosp, Bethnal Green, LondonAk Batt16th Sep 1915M: Mrs D Penn c/o W King, Miller St, Ellerslie
PENN, John Rainsford Adm.Egon Koubya Hosp 27 June 1915ASC08th Jul 1915 
PENNEFATHER, S R Deaconess Hosp., AlexandriaWIB19th Aug 1915 
PENNEFATHER, S S Co.of London War Hosp, ManchesterWgn Batt7th Oct 1915 
PENNELL, Harold Edmund WoundedAIB16th Aug 1915M: Mrs Mary Pennell, Paeroa
PENNELL, Harold Edmund No.1 Aus.Gen.Hosp.HeliopolisAIB16th Aug 1915M: Mrs Mary Pennell, Paeroa
PENNEY, John Gordon Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Rev Chas Penney, Springston
PENNINGTON, L King George's Hospital, LondonWIB23rd Sep 1915 
PENNIWITH, P JPrivateSick, cardiacSamoa9th Sep 1915 
PENNO, Edward 1st Aus Gen Hosp, Heliopolis Sept 5Ak Batt16th Sep 1915Thos B Penno, Thames
PENNO, Edward Returning wounded Tofua Infantry21st Oct 1915 
PENNO, W H 1st Sthn GH BirminghamAk Batt7th Oct 1915 
PENNY, E H Malta, arr May 18CIB01st Jul 1915 
PENNY, S M Recovered, returned to frontCty Batt15th Jul 1915 
PENNY, Samuel Murray KIACIB2nd Sep 1915F: Edward Henry Penny, Blenheim
PENNY, Samuel MurrayPteWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F: E H Penny, Box 80, Blenheim
PENRYHS-EVANS, T HSergeantDischarged as convalescentAMR2nd Sep 1915 
PEPPER, Jas Joseph Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Mrs Susan Pepper, 104 East Queen St, Hastings
PERCIVAL, T Wounded, Returning to NZ for convalescence 16th Sep 1915Auckland
PERCYPrivateRtd to Front ex CairoWgn Batt16th Sep 1915 
PERCY, A WSergeantWounded 7 Aug(12th Batt) Aus Forces23rd Sep 1915Mrs M Percy, Auckland
PERCY, Charles WoundedWgn Mtd RflJune 17, 1915M: Mrs C Poole, Latrobe, Tasmania
PERCY, F Now convalescentWgn Batt01st Jul 1915 
PERCY, Frank Discharged from hosp., convalescentWgn Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
PERCY, G V Pont Koubba Hosp, adm. July 8Wgn Batt15th Jul 1915 
PERCY, G V WoundedWIB22nd Jul 1915 
PERCY, H R Convalescent, AlexandriaCty Batt16th Sep 1915 
PERCY, Henry Stewart KIAWIB2nd Sep 1915F: Henry Michael Percy, Waipawa
PEREKA, J H Disembarked at MaltaMaori Cont7th Oct 1915 
PERI, W T Slightly sickMaori Cont16th Sep 1915 
PERIE, Joseph G Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Mrs Ellen Perie c/o Mrs F Taylor, Twickenham, London
PERKINS, C A RL/CplSt Thomas' Hosp, LondonField Engrs23rd Sep 1915 
PERKINS, Cyril Alexander RL/CplWounded, groinField Engrs16th Sep 1915M: Mrs Perkins, Westminster Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland
PERKINS, H ASergeantEmbarked for EnglandCty Batt30th Sep 1915 
PERKINS, H ASergeant1st Sthn GH BirminghamCty Batt7th Oct 1915 
PERKINS, Hugh AlexanderSergeantWounded (2nd) CIB2nd Sep 1915Fredk Truman Perkins, Burwood, Christchurch
PERKINS, R L T King George Hosp, LondonASC16th Sep 1915 
PERKINS, R L TCorporalRemoved from dang.ill listASC19th Aug 1915 
PERKINS, W J 1st Sthn GH, BirminghamAMR30th Sep 1915 
PERKINS, W J At Malta, woundedAMR01st Jul 1915 
PERKINS, W J Cottonea Hosp, Malta, unfit for serviceAMR15th Jul 1915 
PERKINS, Wm HenryPteWoundedOtago Inf.BattMay 13, 1915F:Wm Hy Perkins,The Crescent,St Annes Rd,S Tott.Eng
PERKINS, Wm John WoundedAk Mtd RflsJune 10, 1915M: Mrs Christina Perkins, Albert St, Onehunga
PERKS, W R ManchesterArtillery14th Oct 1915 
PERRA, Paui front ex AlexandriaMaori Cont23rd Sep 1915Pera Karaui, Warengaahika, Napier
PERRATT, R H New End Mil Hosp, HampsteadWMR30th Sep 1915 
PERRETT, Robert HarrySergeantReported wounded, armWMR2nd Sep 1915F: H Perrett, 16 Adelaide Rd, Wellington
PERRIA, Geo.Walter Ernest Victoria College Hosp., AlexandriaAk BtnJune 10, 1915 
PERRIN, G W Sick/Wounded-to EnglandAk Batt5th Aug 1915 
PERRYL/CplMalta ex hosp ship Dunluce Castle Field Engrs9th Sep 1915 
PERRY, A WSergeantWoundedAus Forces16th Sep 1915 
PERRY, Arthur D/WField AmbJune 17, 1915Olive M Perry c/o Dr Drummond, Mile End, Adelaide, Sth Aus
PERRY, C ML/CorporalHospital, ManchesterEngineers21st Oct 1915 
PERRY, Corran MastersL/CplReported woundedField Engrs2nd Sep 1915William Perry, Penrose, Masterton
PERRY, Edgar Seymour Missing, August 22OMR30th Sep 1915Mrs Sarah Perry, Waikiwi
PERRY, Ernest Washington   June 17, 1915Mary N Perry, Dunedin
PERRY, G HPrivateWounded, legOtago BattMay 6, 1915 
PERRY, G H Convalescent camp, AlexandriaOtago Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
PERRY, G H Recovered, returned to the FrontOtago Batt16th Aug 1915 
PERRY, HL/CplMalta ex hosp ship Ascanius Aug 31Wgn Batt23rd Sep 1915 
PERRY, J Met.War Hosp, Whitchurch, CardiffOMR30th Sep 1915 
PERRY, JohnCorporalWounded Aug 22, hand, thighOMR7th Oct 1915F: J Perry Snr, Stranraer, Scotland
PERRY, W A Convalescent Camp, Helouan, CairoWgtn Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
PERRY, WilliamPteWoundedOtago Inf BnMay 13, 1915M:Clara A Perry,10 Chambers St,NthEast Vly,DN
PERRYMAN, H WCorporalEx hosp ship Devanha Sept 4Cty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
PERRYMAN, H WCorporalEmbarked for EnglandCty Batt28th Oct 1915 
PERRYMAN, Harold William Wounded, Sept 10, Malta, doing dutyCIB7th Oct 1915A Perryman, 8 Dartmouth Pl, Paignton, Devon
PERSSE, John Geoffrey KIAWIB2nd Sep 1915Frank Persse, County Galway, Ireland
PERSSON, John Reported wounded, neck WIB2nd Sep 1915Mrs Phoebe Persson, 78 Alexander St, Palmerston Nth
PERSSON, Martin Andrew Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Anders Persson, 78 Alexandra St, Palmerston North
PERTAS, G P Embarked at Malta for EnglandField Amb5th Aug 1915 
PESTELL, A G 1st Birmingham War HospitalWgn Batt30th Sep 1915 
PETERS, A At Malta, slightly sickCty Batt30th Sep 1915 
PETERS, Maitland Hector KIA June 11WIB01st Jul 1915Wm Peters, Careys Bay, Port Chalmers
PETERS, Tobias Patrick KIA, August 27WMR30th Sep 1915Miss Mary Peters, Sydney
PETERS, Tobias Patrick Wounded July 24WMR19th Aug 1915Miss Mary Peters, Sydney
PETERS, V ManchesterEngineers14th Oct 1915 
PETERSEN, A B 5th London General HospitalCty Batt7th Oct 1915 
PETERSEN, Alfred Bert Wounded July 23CIB5th Aug 1915Mrs E Petersen, Palmerston North
PETERSEN, Charles Wounded, forearmWMR16th Aug 1915Mr R Petersen, Mountain Rd, Inglewood, New Plymouth
PETERSEN, G Dangerously illCty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
PETERSEN, G Malta ex hosp ship Ascania Field Art16th Sep 1915 
PETERSEN, George Wounded, ankleCIB16th Aug 1915Christian Hans Petersen, Vanguard St, Nelson
PETERSEN, Herbert Valentine Rptd dang.wounded May 5: Died May 19Otago Inf BnMay 27, 1915Mrs C Turner, Kairanga, Palmerston North
PETERSEN, J Met.War Hosp, Whitchurch, CardiffOMR30th Sep 1915 
PETERSEN, John Wounded, armOMR7th Oct 1915J Petersen, Princes St, Dunedin
PETERSEN, John Gregors KIA 25 April 1915Ak Inf BtnJune 17, 1915Mrs A F Petersen, Carterton
PETERSEN, Roy Royalston Wounded, thighOIB16th Aug 1915Mrs A Peterson, Mt Pleasant, Mitchelltown, Wgn
PETERSEN, Roy Royalston No.17 Gen.Hosp.AlexandriaOIB16th Aug 1915M: Mrs A Petersen, Mitchelltown, Wellington
PETERSEN, William Magnus Returning wounded Willochra AMR21st Oct 1915 
PETERSONPrivateWounded, London, Aug 23Otago Batt9th Sep 1915 
PETERSON, Charles Reported missingWMR9th Sep 1915R Peterson, Mountain Rd, Inglewood
PETERSON, G Embarked at Malta for EnglandField Art7th Oct 1915 
PETERSON, G London General HospitalArtillery14th Oct 1915 
PETERSON, H VPrivateWoundedOIBMay 6, 1915 
PETERSON, Martin Wounded Aug 11Engineers9th Sep 1915M: Mrs J J Peterson, Glen St, Oamaru
PETERSON, Martin Wounded, Aug 11Engineers9th Sep 1915M: Mrs J J Peterson, Glen St, Oamaru
PETERSON, Martin Wounded 25 May 1915OIB08th Jul 1915Mrs J J Peterson, Glen St, Oamaru
PETERSON, P R Hospital, GuildfordAk Batt21st Oct 1915 
PETHERBRIDGE, Robert Rptd wounded, sideOMR23rd Sep 1915F:Arthur Petherbridge, Glenburn Stn, Motu, Gisborne
PETIHA, Hone Wounded, lungMaori Cont19th Aug 1915Makahuri Petiha, Hastings
PETRE, B F Embarked for EnglandEngineers21st Oct 1915 
PETRE, B F Hospital, ManchesterEngineers21st Oct 1915 
PETRIE, B F Disemb.Malta, slightly sickEngineers23rd Sep 1915 
PETRIE, Edward RobertCorporalWounded Aug 7OIB9th Sep 1915Annie Young Petrie, Epuni St, Wellington
PETRIE, J Wounded, London, prog.favourablyWgn Batt9th Sep 1915 
PETRIE, J Disch.hosp. Now at Alexandria BaseWgn Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
PETRIE, JPrivateReturned to the FrontWgn Batt08th Jul 1915 
PETRIE, John Wounded (2nd)WIB9th Sep 1915John Petrie, Stratford
PETRIE, JohnPteWoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 13, 1915John Petrie, jeweller, Stratford
PETRIE, John Recovered, disch. Alexandria HospWgn Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
PETRIE, MSergeantBethnal Green Mil.Hosp, LondonCMR30th Sep 1915 
PETRIE, Magnus WoundedCMR2nd Sep 1915F: J P Petrie, Upton Park, London
PETRIE, Robert JohnCplKIACty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915Mrs R G Petre (sic) 17 Andover St, Merivale
PETRIE, W HSgtWounded, arr. Malta June 4Cty Mtd RflsJune 24, 1915 
PETRIE, William HaroldL/CplRptd missingCMR23rd Sep 1915B: James Petrie, Brookside
PETRIE, WmL/CplWounded, thighCIB16th Aug 1915W Petrie, Ravensbourne, Dunedin
PETTIGREW, J A Hospital, HampsteadWgn Batt14th Oct 1915 
PETTIGREW, J A A Disembarked at Malta Sept 10Wgn Batt30th Sep 1915 
PETTY, J At Malta, slightly sickOMR30th Sep 1915 
PETTY, John Wounded, slight OMR19th Aug 1915Mrs J Durnton, 11 Duke St, Millfield, Sutherland, Durham, Eng
PEVREAL, Alfred John WoundedAk Inf BtnJune 24, 1915F: G Pevreal, 9 Desmond Rd,Gisborne
PEWHAIRANGI, PCorporalDisemb.Malta July 14-20Maori Cont19th Aug 1915 
PFUNDT, Barry Missing, April 25AIB15th Jul 1915R Pfundt, Surrey, England
PHELAN, F ACplReturned from Egypt, med. Unfit June 10, 1915 
PHELAN, P Recovered - returned to the frontOtago Batt5th Aug 1915 
PHELAN, P PrivateDisembarked at MaltaOtago Batt08th Jul 1915 
PHELAN, Philip Died of disease, Sept 30, entericOIB14th Oct 1915Philip Phelan, Reefton
PHELAN, Philip Wounded about 7 June 1915OIB08th Jul 1915F: Philip Phelan, Progress Junction, Reefton
PHELAN, Phillip Valetta Hosp, Malta, seriously illOIB15th Jul 1915 
PHILLIPPS, Geo Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915F: Benjamin Phillips, Okaiawa
PHILLIPSCorporalDied of wounds, EnglandAus Forces28th Oct 1915 
PHILLIPS, A JL/CplDisembarked at Malta Slightly woundedAk Batt30th Sep 1915 
PHILLIPS, A JL/CorporalEmbarked for EnglandAk Batt28th Oct 1915 
PHILLIPS, A J Rptd wounded May 12 - prog favourablyAk Inf.Batt June 3, 1915Mrs John Phillips, Pt Chevalier
PHILLIPS, Arthur JohnPteWoundedAk Inf.Batt May 20, 1915Mrs John Phillips, Burton Rd, Pt Chevalier, Auckland
PHILLIPS, Charles KIAWgn Inf BtnJune 24, 1915Mrs E T Phillips, Box 17 Utiku
PHILLIPS, Cyril Morley Wounded, hand, tonsilitisCIB7th Oct 1915Mrs E M Phillips, Winnipeg, Canada
PHILLIPS, E HL/CplDied of pneumonia foll. Measles 15th Jul 1915 
PHILLIPS, E MCorporalDied in NZ 08th Jul 1915Bd Albany Cem., Auckland
PHILLIPS, Edgar, convalescentOtago Batt08th Jul 1915 
PHILLIPS, Francis Sedger Died of woundsCIB16th Aug 1915F: J Phillips, 2 Sarsfield St, Auckland
PHILLIPS, H A Wounded returning from Egypt Tahiti WIB2nd Sep 1915 
PHILLIPS, Herbert Pont de Koubbeh hosp.CairoWgn BtnJune 24, 1915 
PHILLIPS, Herbert Albert Wounded/sick, returned NZWIB16th Sep 1915 
PHILLIPS, Herbert AlbertPteWoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 20, 1915M: Sarah Phillips, Aramoho
PHILLIPS, Herbert Patrick Recovered & sent to the FrontOtago Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
PHILLIPS, Sidney JohnSergeantWounded, legAIB16th Aug 1915Mrs E Phillips, Hants, England
PHILLIPS, Sidney Robert Returning wounded Willochra Ak Batt21st Oct 1915 
PHILLIPS, T WCorporalNZ Hospital, LondonAMR7th Oct 1915 
PHILLIPS, T W Pronounced out of dangerAMR21st Oct 1915 
PHILLIPS, Thomas WallaceCorporalDangerously illAMR9th Sep 1915Mrs Mary Phillips, Matangi
PHILLIPS, W EPrivateReturned to the FrontOtago Batt08th Jul 1915 
PHILLIPS, William Smith Wounded, abdomenOIB16th Sep 1915F: J Phillips, Colac Bay
PHILLIPS, Wm EdgarPteWoundedOtago Inf.BattMay 20, 1915Cous: James Kelsall, Lorata, Te Rapa
PHILLIPS,Thos KIAOIB2nd Sep 1915Robert Phillips, London
PHILP, Henry Earl Rptd missing Aug 6OIB23rd Sep 1915M: Mrs Margaret Philp, Reed St, Oamaru
PHILP, Horace Missing, Aug 28WMR30th Sep 1915B: J S Philp, 166 Cuba St, Wellington
PHILSON, G HL/CplReturned to the frontMed Corps23rd Sep 1915 
PHILSON, G HL/CplDisemb.Malta Neuralia sickNZMC12th Aug 1915 
PHILSON, Wilmett Napier Missing betw. 25 April - 13 MayAk Inf BtnJune 24, 1915F: Matthew T Philson, Devonport, Auckland

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

July, 2001