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World War I - Rolls of Honour

From: The Auckland Weekly News

This magazine is recorded on microfilm and may be accessed at the Auckland City Library.

Commencing with lists published from May, 1915 to October, 1915. See notes and abbreviations.

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

STINSON, WPrivateDischarged hosp., convalescentField Engrs08th Jul 1915 
STIRLING, G R Malta ex hosp ship Georgien Aug 27OMR23rd Sep 1915 
STIRLING, G R Hospital, LeicesterOMR14th Oct 1915 
STIRLING, Henry J Maxwell Wounded Aug 8OIB9th Sep 1915M: MrsJ Booth, 49 Howe St, Dunedin
STITCHBURY, Nicholas Colin Died of wounds Aug 14CIB23rd Sep 1915W:Mrs N C Stitchbury, Howick, Auckland
STITCHBURY, Thomas Floriana Hosp, Malta, prog.satis.AMR15th Jul 1915 
STITCHBURY, V J Rptd wounded May 13 - prog favourablyAk Inf.Batt June 3, 1915F: W Stitchbury, Epsom
STITT, A DLieutRecovered & sent to the FrontCty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
STITT, Alan DuncanLieutenant19th Gen Hosp, Alexandria Aug 30CIB9th Sep 1915Douglas M Stitt, Aberdare House, Gloucester St, Chch
STITT, Alan DuncanLieutenantWounded (3rd)CIB9th Sep 1915D M Stitt, Aberdare House, Gloucester St, Chch
STITT, Allan Duncan2nd LieutWounded13th, Nth Cant&Westld, Co. Canty Inf.BattMay 20, 1915D M Stitt, c/o J R Hart, Ashburton
STOCK, GPteWoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 13, 1915F Stock, Bulls
STOCK, G Recovered - returned to the frontWgn Batt5th Aug 1915 
STOCK, Geo Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915F Stock, Bulls
STOCK,, convalescentWgn Batt08th Jul 1915 
STOCK, P TBuglerHeliopolis and Luna Park June 24, 1915Compiled by Rev C J Bush-King of Dunedin, NZEF Chaplain
STOCKBRIDGE, J Sick/Wounded, Cairo Gnl HospitalOtago Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
STOCKBRIDGE, J  Wounded, London, prog.favourablyOtago Batt9th Sep 1915 
STOCKBRIDGE, John Wounded Aug 7OIB9th Sep 1915Mrs T Skippage, Featherston
STOCKBRIDGE, John Recovered, returned to frontOtago Batt22nd Jul 1915 
STOCKBRIDGE,, convalescentOIB08th Jul 1915 
STOCKDILL, T Convalescent Home, StainesCty Batt14th Oct 1915 
STOCKDILL, T D Disemb.Malta hosp.ship Aug 5Cty Batt19th Aug 1915 
STOCKER, ECorporalMalta ex hosp ship Valdivia OMR16th Sep 1915 
STOCKER, ErnestCorporalReported woundedOMR2nd Sep 1915M: Mrs E Stocker, St Albans, Christchurch
STOCKLEY, Fred'k HenryCorporalKIA July 22AMR5th Aug 1915M: Mrs Stockley, West Tamaki
STODART, James Hutchinson Died of woundsCIB9th Sep 1915Mr Stodart, Woodside, Taihape
STODART, James Hutchinson Wounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915Mr Stodart, Woodside, Taihape
STODART,J Malta ex Seang Bee[?Boo]WMR22nd Jul 1915 
STODDART, J Sick/wounded, arr.LondonWMR2nd Sep 1915 
STOKER, I PSgtWoundedCty Inf BtnJune 17, 1915Basil Stoker, Legislative Council, Wellington
STOKES Invalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915 
STOKES, E E Embarked for EnglandWgn Batt30th Sep 1915 
STOKES, E E Hospital, BirminghamWgn Batt14th Oct 1915 
STOKES, Edward Ernest Wounded, head, severeWIB2nd Sep 1915Mrs Mary Ann Giles, Ohakea, Sanson
STOKES, George Robert Wounded, handCIB9th Sep 1915Mrs W Burrell, 8 Willow St, Christchurch
STOKES, Graham Wounded, ankle Aug 8ASC19th Aug 1915W: Mrs Sylvia Stokes, c/o H J Wynyard, Petone
STOKES, Jas Fawcett Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915M: Mrs A J Giles, Ohakea, Manawatu
STOKES, L ATrooperReturned from Egypt, med. Unfit June 10, 1915 
STOKES, P TBuglerWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 13, 1915 
STOKES, Percy ThomasBuglerDangerously illAk Inf.Batt May 27, 1915Sis: Mrs G T Hopkins, Te Kuiti
STOKES, Sydney Herbert Rptd missing Aug 8WIB16th Sep 1915M: Mrs M A Giles, Ohakea
STONE, Alexr Wounded, legOMR30th Sep 1915Mrs E Strode, Kyeburn
STONE, C T Am.Womens War Hosp, Paignton, Dev Cty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
STONE, Chas Fred'kBuglerWoundedCanty Inf BtnMay 27, 1915F: Stone, Reservoir, Nelson
STONE, Lindsay Burrell Returning wounded Tofua Infantry21st Oct 1915 
STONE, RPteKIA Dardanelles: svg with Australian forces June 3, 1915 
STONELL, H H Hospital, CheltenhamAk Batt14th Oct 1915 
STONELL, Harry Harrison WoundedWIB29th Jul 1915B: Thomas Stonell, Thames St, Paeroa
STORER, Chas Bernard Died of enteric Aug 4Field Engrs19th Aug 1915F: C E Storer, 54 Wellington St, Auckland
STOREY, Clifford F Wounded (2nd) July 23CIB5th Aug 1915Mrs Story (sic), 83 Campbell St, Palmerston North
STOREY, FPteKIA, serving with Australians, Dard. June 10, 1915 
STOREY, Francis Claude Forster Returning wounded Tofua Mtd Rifles21st Oct 1915 
STORIE, Charles WoundedAk Inf.BattMay 20, 1915F: T S Storie, Gallashields, Scotland
STORIE, Chas Pont de Koubbeh hosp.CairoOtago BtnJune 24, 1915 
STORY, C F Sick/Wounded, Cairo Gnl HospitalCty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
STORY, G FPteWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 13, 1915 
STOUTPrivateSick/wounded, LondonCIB19th Aug 1915 
STOUT, E TPrivateSlightly woundedCty Batt08th Jul 1915 
STOUT, E T Floriana Hosp, Malta, prog.satis.CIB15th Jul 1915 
STOUT, E T Emb.for England JulyCIB29th Jul 1915 
STOUT, Ernest Thorval Wounded Cty Inf BtnJune 24, 1915W A Stout, solicitor, Invercargill
STRACHAN, Douglas WoundedOtago Mtd RfJune 17, 1915John Strachan, St Rathans
STRACHAN, Douglas Victoria College Hosp., AlexandriaOtago Mtd RflsJune 10, 1915 
STRACHAN, J A King George's Hospital, LondonWMR23rd Sep 1915 
STRACHAN, John Alexander WoundedWMR2nd Sep 1915M: Mrs M Strachan, Taradale
STRACHEY PrivateWounded, London, Aug 23Cty Batt9th Sep 1915 
STRACHEY, C O Reported missing Aus Forces7th Oct 1915M: Mrs E M Strachey, Worcester Street West, Chch
STRACHEY, Ewen MacphersonSergeantWoundedCIB9th Sep 1915Claude M Strachey, 48 Worcester St, Christchurch
STRAIGHT, R 17th Gen Hosp, AlexandriaASC15th Jul 1915 
STRAIGHT, T Ex hosp ship Ionian Sept 1Cty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
STRAIGHT, T Hospital, BirminghamCty Batt14th Oct 1915 
STRAKER, T B Convalescent, AlexandriaCty Batt14th Oct 1915 
STRAKER, T B Admitted to hospitalCIB29th Jul 1915 
STRANG, A R New End Mil Hosp, HampsteadWMR30th Sep 1915 
STRANG, Alexander Ritchie Reported soundedWMR2nd Sep 1915J H P Strang, Woodley, Palmerston North
STRANG, C Disembarked at Malta Sept 10Cty Batt30th Sep 1915 
STRANG, C Embarked for EnglandCty Batt28th Oct 1915 
STRANG, C ConvalescentCIB12th Aug 1915 
STRANG, C Recovered, returned to the FrontCty Batt16th Aug 1915 
STRANG, C Disembarked at Malta, pneumoniaCty Batt22nd Jul 1915 
STRANG, C/GPteWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 13, 1915M:Mrs J Strang,Pollock Hse,Newton,Mearns,Scot
STRANG, Stanford KIA betw. 26-30 AprilOtago Inf BtnJune 17, 1915Mrs Mary A Strang, 165 Don St, Invercargill
STRATFORD, H CPrivateWoundedAus Forces16th Sep 1915 
STRATFORD, H E Convalescent, AlexandriaCty Batt7th Oct 1915 
STRATFORD, H G Wounded 7 Aug(8th Batt) Aus Forces23rd Sep 1915G Stratford, Vincent, St, Nelson
STRATFORD, H SSergeantMil.Hospital, Bethnal Green, LondonCMR16th Sep 1915 
STRATFORD, Henry EdmundSergeantWounded, footCIB19th Aug 1915F: Edmund Hill Stratford, Canvastown, Marlborough
STRATFORD, Herbert Springall SergeantWoundedCMR5th Aug 1915F: Edmond Hill Stratford, Canvastown, Marlborough
STRATFORD, R C 3rd Nthn Gen Hosp, SheffieldAMR30th Sep 1915 
STRATFORD, R C Disemb.Malta hosp.ship Sicilia AMR19th Aug 1915 
STRAW, J HSergeantSick/wounded, going to EnglandMed Corps23rd Sep 1915 
STRAW, J HSergeantSlightly sickMed Corps16th Sep 1915 
STRAW, J H 1st Sthn GH, BirminghamField Amb30th Sep 1915 
STRAWBRIDGEPrivateRtd to Front ex CairoWgn Batt16th Sep 1915 
STRAWBRIDGE, N J H Pont de Koubbeh Hosp. WoundedWIB19th Aug 1915 
STRAWBRIDGTE, ASgt MajorDisemb. Malta, sickArtillery28th Oct 1915 
STREET, B W 1st Sthn GH BirminghamCMR7th Oct 1915 
STREET, B W LCorporalDisembarked at MaltaCMR12th Aug 1915 
STREET, CCorporalWounded, London, prog.favourablyWgn Batt9th Sep 1915 
STREET, CCorporalEmb.for England hosp.ship Somali Wgn Batt19th Aug 1915 
STREET, CCorporalSlightly woundedWgn Batt08th Jul 1915 
STREET, ClaudCplWounded (2nd) 18 June 1915WIB08th Jul 1915Street, Sumner, Christchurch
STREET, Claude Tigne Hosp. Prog.satisfactorilyWIB15th Jul 1915 
STRETTON, Gilbert  Missing Otago Inf BtnJune 17, 1915C R Stretton, **rwick
STRIBBLING, H J Disembarked at Malta Sept 10Otago Batt30th Sep 1915 
STRIBLING, H J Hospital, HampsteadOtago Batt14th Oct 1915 
STRINGER, J M 1st Sthn Gen Hosp, BirminghamField Art30th Sep 1915 
STRINGER, Trevor TrooperBlinded, R eye 12 Aug, invalided homeAMR28th Oct 1915Judge Stringer
STRINGER, Trevor William Reported wounded, eye/faceAMR2nd Sep 1915His Honour, Mr Justice Stringer, Wellington
STRINGER, Trevor Wm Returning wounded Tofua Mtd Rifles21st Oct 1915Mangapehi
STRODETrooperWounded, London, Aug 23OMR9th Sep 1915 
STRONGSapperRtd to Front ex CairoField Engrs16th Sep 1915 
STRONG, A E ManchesterArtillery14th Oct 1915 
STRONG, BCorporalEmbarked for EnglandAus Forces14th Oct 1915 
STRONG, Edwin Henry D/D syncope, Sept 25AMR21st Oct 1915B: Thos Strong, Brighton, Sussex
STRONG, Martin Alexander KIA Aug 28Field Engrs23rd Sep 1915M: Bridget Jane Strong, Rangiora
STRONG, Martin Alex'r Wounded 26 June 1915Field Engrs08th Jul 1915M: Mrs B J Strong, King St, Rangiora
STRONG, VCorporalIllAus Forces28th Oct 1915 
STRONG, VCorporalHospital, Birmingham, sickAus Forces21st Oct 1915 
STRONG, VPteIllAus Forces16th Aug 1915New Zealander
STRONGMAN, W E Ex hosp ship Ionian Sept 1Cty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
STROUD, C R Hospital, LiverpoolEngineers14th Oct 1915 
STROUD, Sydney ErnestCorporalRptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915Mrs Alice Stroud, 40 Wilson St, Wanganui
STRUTHERS, A  SickWIB16th Aug 1915 
STRUTHERS, Andrew Wounded, armWIB16th Aug 1915M: Mrs J Struthers, Glasgow
STRUTHERS, Andrew Wounded, arm, seriouslyWIB16th Aug 1915M: Mrs J Struthers, Glasgow
STUART, A J Sick/wdd, Cairo: returned to FrontOtago Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
STUART, James Wouned, thighOIB30th Sep 1915F: Isaac Stuart, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
STUART, James WoundedOtago Inf BtnMay 27, 1915F: Isaac Stuart, Mains of Pitfoer, Aberdeen, Scotland
STUART, Robt Chas Andrew Died of wounds Aug 8Field Art19th Aug 1915Robert Walter Stuart, Winyard, Tasmania
STUBBING, B Convalescent, AlexandriaMaori Cont30th Sep 1915 
STUBBING, B W Sick, Returning to NZ for convalescence 16th Sep 1915Ngaruawahia
STUBBING, F C 3rd London General HospitalAk Batt30th Sep 1915 
STUBBING, Fredk C WoundedAIB9th Sep 1915M: Mrs K Wallis, Allendale Rd, Mt Albert
STUBBS, Tom Canadian Hosp, Taplow, Bucks, EngWMR16th Sep 1915M: Mrs Mary A Stubbs, Cain St, Palmerston North
STUCKEY, Cecil Robert Canadian Hosp, Taplow, Bucks, EngOtago Batt16th Sep 1915F: R J Stuckey, 7 Melbourne St, South Dunedin
STUCKEY, FrederickMajorWoundedAk BattMay 6, 1915Mrs F A Bamford, Nelson
STUCKEY, Frederick, Major (Commanding)Seriously wounded6th, Hauraki, CoAk BattMay 6, 1915Mrs F A Bamford, Nelson
STUDLEY, Arthur Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915F: Edw. Groom Studley, Shropshire, England
STUDLEY, W H 3rd Western Gen Hosp, CardiffCty Batt16th Sep 1915 
STUDLEY, W HL/CplTo England by hospital shipCty Batt16th Sep 1915 
STUDLEY, W HCorporalDisemb.Malta hosp.ship Aug 5Cty Batt19th Aug 1915 
STUNELL, A Wounded, in Southern General Hosp, BirminghamAk Inf.BattJune 3, 1915Mrs H Stunell, Feilding
STUNELL, A G Wounded, Birmingham Hosp, May 6Ak BattnMay 20, 1915Mrs H Stunell,Feilding
STUNELL, A G Recovered, returned to the FrontAk Batt16th Aug 1915 
STUNELL, M GPrivateWoundedAIBMay 13, 1915S: Mrs H Stunell, Feilding
STUNOLL, A G Returned to the FrontAIB12th Aug 1915 
STURE, Harold Pont de Koubbeh hosp.CairoOtago BtnJune 24, 1915 
STURMER, E H Returned to front from CairoAk Batt23rd Sep 1915 
STURMEY, John George Wounded Aug 26Field Art30th Sep 1915M: Mrs R B Hart, Eltham
STURNEY, J G 1st Sthn GH BirminghamField Art7th Oct 1915 
STURT, Louis Wm Canadian Hosp, Taplow, Bucks, EngWgn Batt16th Sep 1915M:Mrs T Sturt, Hove, Sussex, England
STYLE, Herbert Hanson KIAWIB2nd Sep 1915F: Robt Style, Ramsgate, England
SUBRITZKY, J King George's Hospital, LondonAIB23rd Sep 1915 
SUBRITZKY, John Rptd missing Aug 8AIB23rd Sep 1915F:J H Subritzky, Waihopa
SUBRITZKY, John Wounded, shoulderAIB30th Sep 1915F: J Subritzky, Waihopo
SUFF, E J London HospitalWgn Batt14th Oct 1915 
SUFF, E JTrooperDisembarked at MaltaWMR08th Jul 1915 
SUFF, E JPrivateAndrew's Hosp, Malta, prog.satisWgn Batt15th Jul 1915 
SUFF, Jas Edwin WoundedWIB01st Jul 1915F: Edwin Suff, Porntasdawood, Glamorganshire
SUGGATE Malta ex hosp ship Andania Aug 21ASC16th Sep 1915 
SUGGATE, P GCorporalHospital, London, dangoursly illAMR21st Oct 1915 
SUKEY, F W  Cty Inf BtnJune 10, 1915 
SULLIVANTrooperMalta ex hosp ship Karoo Aug 19OMR9th Sep 1915 
SULLIVAN, C W Disemb. Malta, slightly sickAk Batt21st Oct 1915 
SULLIVAN, C W Embarked for EnglandASC28th Oct 1915 
SULLIVAN, DCorporalDisembarked at Malta Sept 10Cty Batt30th Sep 1915 
SULLIVAN, D Hospital, ManchesterCty Batt21st Oct 1915 
SULLIVAN, D Recovered - returned to the FrontCIB19th Aug 1915 
SULLIVAN, E Sick/wounded, going to EnglandOMR23rd Sep 1915 
SULLIVAN, E Hospital, BirminghamOMR14th Oct 1915 
SULLIVAN, F A KIAAk Mtd RflsJune 17, 1915Mrs Jane I Middlebrook, Brentwood Ave, Auckland
SULLIVAN, Hoani Wounded Aug 10 9th Sep 1915F: Tahi Sullivan, Waitotara
SULLIVAN, Humphrey Barjeim Hosp. Ship Delta Aug 7/8CMR16th Aug 1915Mrs George Sullivan, Waimate
SULLIVAN, JPteWoundedWgtn Inf.BattMay 13, 1915Michael Sullivan, Fernhill Rd, Hastings
SULLIVAN, JPteWounded, svg with Australian forces June 3, 1915 
SULLIVAN, JPrivateHosp.Birmingham Aus Forces08th Jul 1915 
SULLIVAN, J CorporalInvalided home on Willochra  15th Jul 1915Mrs S Low, Ariel St, Stratford
SULLIVAN, J C Hospital, Hampstead, dang. IllCty Batt14th Oct 1915 
SULLIVAN, J RCplWoundedCanty Inf.BattMay 13, 1915Mrs Sarah Law, c/o W Sullivan, Builder, Whakatane
SULLIVAN, J R No.1 General Hospital, CairoCtby Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
SULLIVAN, John CharlesL/CplWounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915F: J Sullivan, 40 Lower High St, Waimate
SULLIVAN, M M Recovered - returned to the FrontAIB19th Aug 1915 
SULLIVAN, M, convalescentAIB08th Jul 1915 
SULLIVAN, Michael Wounded slightly July 23CIB5th Aug 1915F: John Sullivan, 34 William St, Timaru
SULLIVAN, P King George's Hospital, LondonWgn Batt23rd Sep 1915 
SULLIVAN, P J Disembarked at Malta Sept 10Cty Batt30th Sep 1915 
SULLIVAN, Patrick Missing Aug 28CMR23rd Sep 1915S: Daisy Sullivan, RC Convent, Nelson
SULLIVAN, Patrick Rptd wounded Aug 28CMR23rd Sep 1915S: Daisy Sullivan, RC Convent, Nelson
SULLIVAN, Patrick Wounded, abdomenWIB16th Sep 1915B: M Sullivan, Railway Offices, Auckland
SULLIVAN, Patrick Killed in action, Aug 28CMR28th Oct 1915S: Miss Daisy Sullivan, Roman Catholic Convent, Nelson
SULLIVAN, Robert Wounded, armOMR14th Oct 1915B: Harry Sullivan, Ngaruawahia
SULLIVAN, Robt Missing Otago Inf BtnJune 17, 1915Daniel Sullivan, 7 ? Street, Dunedin
SULLIVAN, Stanley KIA July 25OMR19th Aug 1915John Sullivan, Methven
SULLIVAN, T G Lord Derby's War Hosp, WarringtonAk Batt30th Sep 1915 
SULLIVAN, W D Convalescent, AlexandriaField Engrs30th Sep 1915 
SULLIVAN, W D Disemb. Malta, slightly sickCty Batt21st Oct 1915 
SULLIVAN, W J MissingAus Forces5th Aug 1915New Zealander
SULLIVAN, William Wounded, hipAIB16th Aug 1915F: J Sullivan, Tweedheads, NSW
SULLIVAN, Wm Dew Pont de Koubbeh hosp.CairoCty Inf BtnJune 17, 1915M: Mary Sullivan, 110 Park St, Woolston
SUMMERFIELD Disembarked at Malta Sept 10Cty Batt30th Sep 1915 
SUMMERFIELD, Francis George WoundedCIB01st Jul 1915Samuel Summerfield, Wairoa, Hawkes Bay
SUMMERS Recovered, returned to frontCty Batt22nd Jul 1915 
SUMMERS, JSergeantWounded, London, prog.favourablyOMR9th Sep 1915 
SUMMERS, JSergeantEmb.for England ex Malta, Aug 8OMR19th Aug 1915 
SUMMERS, John Sgt/TrumpeterWounded July 8OMR5th Aug 1915F: Mark Summers, Winton
SUMMERS, Thomas Acton Wounded arm/chest July 6Div Train5th Aug 1915F: Mark Summers, Paeroa
SUMMERS, W S Hospital, LeicesterAk Batt14th Oct 1915 
SUMMERS, W S Wounded & missingAIB19th Aug 1915F: James Summers, Darlington, Ngakawau, Westport
SUMMERS, William Stewart Rptd missing-now MaltaAIB16th Sep 1915F: James Summers, Darlington, Ngakawau, Westport
SUMMERS, William Stewart WoundedAIB01st Jul 1915F:James Summers, Ngakawau via Westport
SUNDIN, MCorporalDisembarked at MaltaASC08th Jul 1915 
SUNDIN, M LSergeantWoundedBrit Section01st Jul 1915Mrs A S Sundin, South Shields, England
SUNTER, G Disemb.Malta Neuralia sickAIB12th Aug 1915 
SURGENOR, W R POW, hosp. Constantinople Aug 24WIB30th Sep 1915 
SURGENOR, William Robert POW, ConstantinopleWIB23rd Sep 1915William Surgenor, Opunake
SURTEES, R S Disemb.Malta hosp.ship Sicilia AMR19th Aug 1915 
SUSTINS, HL/CplReturned to the FrontCMR12th Aug 1915 
SUSTINS, Leon KIA Aug 21CMR16th Sep 1915David George Sustins, Carterton
SUSTINS, N WoundedCty Mtd RiflesJune 10, 1915George Davey Sustins, Carterton
SUSTINS, N Recovered, returned to the FrontCMR16th Aug 1915 
SUSTINS, NL/CplNetley Hospital, LondonCMR08th Jul 1915 
SUSTINS, NolanL/CplKIA Aug 21CMR16th Sep 1915David George Sustins, Carterton
SUTHERLANDNurseReturning wounded Willochra  21st Oct 1915 
SUTHERLAND, D K Pont Koubba Hosp from Gallipoli July 7AMR15th Jul 1915 
SUTHERLAND, DavidL/SgtKIAOMR2nd Sep 1915F: D Sutherland, Mosgiel
SUTHERLAND, Duncan K Dangerously ill, July 9, entericAMR22nd Jul 1915Mrs M A Sutherland, Waipu
SUTHERLAND, Duncan Kennedy Returning wounded Willochra AMR21st Oct 1915 
SUTHERLAND, Duncan Kennedy Removed from dang. Ill listAMR16th Aug 1915M: Mrs M A Sutherland, Waipu
SUTHERLAND, ESprWoundedNZ EngrsMay 13, 1915British Section
SUTHERLAND, George KIA Aug 17CMR16th Sep 1915F: A Sutherland, Murchison, Nelson
SUTHERLAND, George JamesCorporalWounded Aug 7OIB9th Sep 1915W: Mrs Mena Sutherland, Colombo St, Christchurch
SUTHERLAND, George JamesCorporalDied of wounds Sept 7OIB30th Sep 1915W: Mrs M Sutherland, Colombo St, Christchurch
SUTHERLAND, H King George's Hospital, LondonCty Batt23rd Sep 1915 
SUTHERLAND, H C Malta ex hosp ship Valdivia Cty Batt16th Sep 1915 
SUTHERLAND, H O 5th Sthn Gen Hosp,Portsmouth Sep 1Cty Batt16th Sep 1915 
SUTHERLAND, Henry Oswald Wounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915Hugh Sutherland, 396 Armagh St, Christchurch
SUTHERLAND, Hugh Wounded 7-12 AugustCIB9th Sep 1915M: Mrs Mary Ann Sutherland, Seymour, Victoria
SUTHERLAND, JPrivateDischarged hosp., convalescentCty Batt08th Jul 1915 
SUTHERLAND, J  Recovered - returned to the FrontCty Batt5th Aug 1915 
SUTHERLAND, J G Dangerously illAk Inf5th Aug 1915 
SUTHERLAND, James Died of wounds Aug 16OIB9th Sep 1915M: Mrs A Sutherland, 1 Tainui St, Palmerston North
SUTHERLAND, James Wounded Aug 12OIB9th Sep 1915Mrs A Sutherland, Tainui St, Palmerston North
SUTHERLAND, John Shand Died of enteric Aug 2Ak Inf19th Aug 1915Jas. Sutherland, Newdower, Aberdeen
SUTHERLAND, Joseph Dangerously illCty Mtd RflsJune 17, 1915F: Joseph Sutherland, Launceston, Tasmania
SUTHERLAND, Joseph WoundedCty Mtd RifleJune 17, 1915Joseph Sutherland, Launceston, Tasmania
SUTHERLAND, Joseph D/W Aug 5CMR19th Aug 1915F: Joseph Sutherland, Launceston, Tasmania
SUTHERLAND, K M Ex hosp ship Ionian Sept 1Ak Batt23rd Sep 1915 
SUTHERLAND, Kenneth Matheson Recovered & sent to the FrontAk Inf BtnJune 24, 1915 
SUTHERLAND, Peter John Rptd missing Aug 8, now bel.killedWIB16th Sep 1915F: G Sutherland, Taylorville Tce, Wanganui
SUTHERLAND, R 1st Sthn GH BirminghamWMR7th Oct 1915 
SUTHERLAND, R M Hospital CambridgeAk Batt14th Oct 1915 
SUTHERLAND, R MPteReturned from Egypt, med. Unfit June 10, 1915 
SUTHERLAND, RobertCorporalWoundedWMR30th Sep 1915B: Geo Sutherland, Hukapapa
SUTHERLAND, Robert Mill Pte Wounded Ak Inf.Batt May 20, 1915F: Alex Sutherland, 65 Bluff Rd, Invercargill
SUTHERLAND, TGunnerPont de Koubbeh hosp.CairoField Art BrigJune 24, 1915 
SUTHERLAND, ThomasGunnerWoundedField Art BrigJune 3, 1915S:May Sutherland, /o W Porter,Flagstaff,Pt Chalmers
SUTHERLAND, W W Malta ex hosp ship Georgien Aug 27Ak Batt23rd Sep 1915 

Transcribed: January - June, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand

July, 2001