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The collection is online at the Australian War Memorial site and the negative number is included in case you wish to obtain copies from them. 

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Sergeant B. Lucey 
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Portsea, Victoria, Australia. 1944-09-01. The staff of the 58th Camp Hospital. The hospital was formally the home of the Misses Armatage until taken over by the Australian Red Cross for use as a convalescent hospital for officers and other ranks. 

Identified personnel are:- VF510732 Private M.A. Ferris (1); VF345932 Driver L.V. Smith (2); VFX94563 Private G. Kelly (3); VFX111216 Sister I.M. Anderson (4); VX133260 Captain W.R. Rigg, Medical Officer (5); VFX8383 Sister E.M. Bryant (6); VF508812 Private N.C. Mcgrath (7); VFX126987 Private M. Lovell (8); V220198 Sergeant B. Lucey (9); V507739 Private A.J. Mccarthy (10); V250196 Corporal W.D. Bott (11); V245378 Private A.E. Scoble (12); SX38142 Corporal L.S. Magin (13); SX21854 Corporal R.C. Hall (14). 

Negative #: 069142 

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H. K. Lucy 
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Victor Harbour, SA. C. 1941-10. group portrait of initial training school, RAAF, Course No. 20 "B" Squadron, Flight 6. 

Back Row: G. J. Kerr, H. K. Lucy , T. K. Forsyth, J. W. Faneco, J. E. Frances, F. D. Holdsworth, C. Escott, M. Frank, M. Fairbairn, H. J. Hammersley, W. D. Hicks, C. M. Ferrero; Centre Row: H. Hearn, C. H. Lewis, D. S. Latham, N. S. Mcasey, N. E. John, R. J. Heffernan, R. E. Longmore, P. Herbert, J. J. Hanrahan, R. E. Holmes, R. A. Hatfield, G. H. Isaacs; Front Row: R. H. Heath, A. Lydom, R. Fiscalini, W. T. Hollings, R. J. Ryan, S. E. Jackson, Corporal F. Vardon, R. E. Law, L. H. Hirt, L. W. Fullarton, W. J. Kennedy, D. B. Larkins. Original print held in AWM Archive Store. (Photographer: Frank Boase Studio, Adelaide) (Donor: RAAF Historical Section). 

Negative #: P1405/09 

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Sergeant N. K. Lucy 
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Soraken Area, Bougainville, 1945-06-12. Members of 42 Landing Craft Company who played a heroic part in evacuating 31/51 Infantry battalion troops from the beach at porton plantation. 

Identified personnel are:- Cpl J. Garsed (1); Cpl J. Petherbridge (2); Sgt Huppets (3); Pte J.F. Smith (4); Pte B.M. Webb (5); Sgt J.M. Ryan (6); Sgt N.K. Lucy (7); Sgt C.E. Webb (8); Lt W.P. Bowerman (9). 

Negative #: 093135 

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