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Snippets of information gleaned from O'Kief, Volume VI

'County Kerry Past and Present', by late Jeremiah King of Killeentierna & Aghadow Parishes states there were 42 families in Kerry with variations of Lucey, Lucy, O'Lussaig, Luicd, Luiseid. (page 187)

Amongst 3,735 Prerogative Wills, Ireland 1536 - 1810 relating to Cork and Kerry were Maurice Lucey, Merchant Cork City; Thomas Lucey Merchant Tailor of Cork and Helen Lucy Widow of Desart, Co. Kilkanny. (page 295)

Daniel Lucey from Macroom, in 179 ??? is the only representative of the family in the index of 2,709 Administration Bonds, Cloyne, Co. Cork 1630-1857.(page 329)

Among the 903 Heads of Families in Tithe Applotment Books, Parishes of Drishane (1832) and Nohovaldaly (1834), (pages 1265, 1287), along the Cork Kerry border were:

Caherbarnagh Tim Lucy - 176 acres
Tim Lucy
183 acres
Coolanairne John Cronin, Patrick Sweeney, Daniel Lucy, Wm. Fitzgibbon & Darby Sweeney 52 acres
Coolanairne Patrick Murphy, Denis Murphy, Michael Murphy, Corn. Hension, Patrick Hension, John Cronin, Patrick Sweeney, Daniel Lucy, Wm. Fitzgibbon & Darby Sweeney 182 acres

From 1760 to 1826 from the calendar of the Patent Rolls in the Tower - 5 E. 3 - Anthonius de Lucy justiciar' terras Hibernias. n 26. Also Thomas de Lucy with David' de Strabolgi scmiti Athol', Johanni de Erlee and Ricardo de Stafford prefixed by words - Ref TEX, via' Motingh' & Derb', salutem and followed by (A. D. 1332 - Claus. 6 Edw. III m 18).

Published list

April 12, 1762

  • d. Last week at Rahan nr. Mallow, Miss Ellen Carey.
  • a. Whereas outrages have been committed by unlawful assemblies known as Levellers, we, the under names Roman Catholic Inhabitants of the City of Corke offer L.200 for apprehanding and prosecuting the Leader, and the sum of L.40 for each follower prosecuted within the County or the County of the City of Corke.

April 7

David Nagle, Jos. Nagle, Martin Harrold, John Comerford, Jas. Galway, David Fitzgerald, Jos Coppinger, Fras. Goold, Pat. Rochfort, Jan French, James, Phil Stackpole, Geo. Gould, Jas Mahon, Mich. McDermott, Wm. Ryan, Jhn. Barry, Hy. Goold, Dom. Sarafield, Md., Jhn. O'Mullane, Patk. Comerford, Dom. Waters, Geo. Lombard, Patk. Creagh, John Gould, John Shea, Jas. Lombard, Peter Youce, John Sheehy, Jeffrey Connell, M. D., Rich. Bryne, Sylvester Ryan, John Morrogh, Wm. Blake, M. D., Geo. Morgan, Fras. Haly, Thos. Forrest, Hy. Shea, Cornelius Connell, Patk. Savage, Thos. Granaghan, Jhn. Dooley, John Dannahy, Phil. Harding, Ignatius Trant, Rich. Dillon, Jas. Cleary, Corn. Sullivan, Wm. O'Brien, Thos. Riordan, Fras. Stokes, Steph. White, Wm. Shea, Wm. Coppinger, Rich. Nagle, M. D., Owen Callaghan, Symon Haly, Rich. Wm. Stack, Thos Lucey, John Vaughan, Kean Mahony, Dan McCartie, Wm. Bready, Corn. Fowloe, Mathias Dunworth, Thos. Eagan, Rich. Morgan, John Bready, And. Kent, Redmond Fitzgerald, Mau. Lucy, John Dowling, Patk. Goold, John McNamara, James McAuliffe, Pat. Allen, John Donoghue, Albert Curry, John Hearne, Mathew Meade, Robt. Ferguson, Nich. Morgan, Luke Connor, Dan. Curtin, Fras. Power, Barth. Bready, Dennis Forrest, Wm. Roche, Corn. Sullivan, Tim Hurley, Dan. Meagher, Pat. Murphy, Wm. McLoughlin, Fras. Seggerson, Owen McCarthy, Pat. Fortune, Wm. Fahy, Tim. Desmond, Jer. Sheehan, John Mahony, Jerrie McCartie, Carroll Daly, Robt. Ross, Wm. Sheehy, John Creagh, Patk. Stokes, Michl. Dunworth, Steph. Pumphrey, M. D., John Pumphrey, Eugene Swiney and many others whose names are omitted for want of room"

(Editorial Note:

The publishing of this list is believed to be the first occasion in South of Ireland when the under priveleged Roman Catholics published a list exclusively consisting of Catholics.

From it dates the foundation of a vocal 'middle class' which since 1708 has been absent from Irish politics. The signatories appear to give a fairly complete list of the Catholic Gentry and Merct. classes in Corke and its immediate environs and had considerable courage not only by risking the wrath of a dangerous Secret Society but in forcing themselves to the notice of the Ascendancy as an organized body.) Vol. 6, page 2384.


Sir Anthony Lucy, Lord Justice of Ireland, held an Inquisition at Cork to hear the claim of Thomas de Carew, as heir to Fitz-Stephen, to all his ancient estates in Cork - sd. inquisition held on the 31st August, in the 5th year of the reign of Edward III (Annals of a Master, OK IV) Page Vol. 6, page 2409 also Vol. 4 page 298.

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