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Teaching personnel movements


This magazine is recorded on microfilm and can be accessed at the Auckland City Library.


AHIER, Miss L, pupil teacher, Hamilton East
BLUCK, Mrs E M, temporary assistant, Te Awamutu
CLARKE, Miss M H, pupil teacher, Waihi District High School
COULTHARD, Miss M, pupil teacher, Maungawhau
DAVIS, Mr C B, pupil teacher, Avondale
FREAN, Miss A, Pakini
HAIR, Miss G L, Upper Waioweka
JOWSEY, Mr F, Te Whetu
LANG, Miss M C, assistant, Kakahi
MARSHALL, Miss A L, assistant, Mt Eden
McCOWAN, Mr H, assistant master, Dargaville
McLEAN, Miss E M R, Mareretu & Mareretu North half-time schools
MEEK, Mr W F H, pupil teacher, Cambridge
PULMAN, Miss K E, pupil teacher, Maungawhau
REDGRAVE, Miss K G, assistant, Te Kuiti
REED, Miss T J, Kopuku
ROBINSON, Miss E J, pupil teacher, Grey Lynn
ROGERS, Miss M B, Awakino
RUDALL, Mr J H, Motutara & Muriwai half-time schools
STANTON, Miss A E, Assistant, Newton East
WALSH, Mr J, teacher, Herekino
WILSON, Miss A, pupil teacher, Te Aroha District High School

Relieving teachers' appointments authorised:

ANSENNE, Mrs A S M, assistant, Beresford St
BEATTIE, Miss B A, sole charge, Tutekehua
CHRISTIE, Mrs F B, assistant, Hamilton West
CLEARY, Miss M A, assistant, Ngararatunua
DIVE, Mrs M F, assistant, Kohukohu
DUPREE, Mrs M, assistant, Maungawhau
DUPREE, Mrs M, assistant, Remuera
HAMMOND, Miss E V R, assistant, Kakahi
HILLAM, Mr E B, sole charge, Whitikahu School
HINTZ, Mr A S, assistant master, Mt Albert
JARVIS, Mrs E, assistant, Stanley Bay
KING, Miss A L, assistant, Belmont School
KING, Miss A L, sole charge, Selwyn
MACDONALD, Miss E D, assistant, Newton East
McKENZIE, Miss E E, assistant, Hikurangi
ROBERTSON, Miss B N, assistant, Te Papapa
SONES, Mrs L E, assistant, Hora Hora
STEWART, Miss E N, assistant, Whangarei Heads
WILTON, Miss E I, assistant, secondary dept, Te Kuiti DHS
WRIGHT, Miss A I, assistant, Whangarei

Resignations received:

BEEHAN, Miss P L, Glen Murray
BROWN, Mr R, Pipiroa
COLDHAM, Mr G S, Wharepoa
HUGHES, Miss N, Te Kuiti DHS
HYDE, Mrs L R, Newtown East
MATHIESON, Mrs M J, Beresford St
NISH, Miss M H, Richmond Rd
RAY, Miss M, Lichfield
RIDGLEY, Miss E T, Grey Lynn
WILLIAMS, Miss V L, Ohura


Transcribed: January, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand


March, 2001