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This newspaper is recorded on microfilm and can be accessed at many public Libraries, including the State Library in Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Most of these particular items appear on page 1 of each edition.

SAMUEL AITCHESON, Blacksmith, native of Bathurst, last heard of at the Murrumbidgee. Your mother is anxious that you should return home. REBECCA AITCHESON, Crooked Billet, Denham Street, Bathurst. [SMH 14th February 1873]
Anyone knowing the whereabouts of GEORGINA BADCOCK (last heard of at Melbourne, 1859, and went by the name of GEORGINA NASH) will confer a favour by communicating with ARCHIBALD KERR, Charles Street, East Collingwood, Melbourne. A large sum of money is due to her in London. [SMH 15th January 1873]
ROBERT JOHN BARNARD CHALON, formerly of Madras, more recently at the Cape diamond mines, and now supposed to be in Sydney, is requested to communicate with ARTHUR CUBITT, Missing Friends' Office, Bridge Street, Sydney. A remittance awaits him. [SMH 1st February 1873]
OLIVER JOHN COOPER, please call as soon as you can at 99 Elizabeth Street. [SMH 1st January 1873]
WILLIAM CROWLEY will hear of his son at 85 Gloucester Street. [SMH 1st February 1873]
Should this meet the eye of FRANK DAVIS, of Brisbane, your mother wishes you to come home at once. Your father is dead. [SMH 18th January 1873]
THOMAS DOWNES. If this should meet the eye of THOMAS DOWNES, write to your brother JOHN at Mr. FAIRBRIDGE's, 164 Moray Street, Emerald Hill, Melbourne. [SMH 13th February 1873 repeated on 14th & 17th February 1873]
JAMES ELLIS, write to your brother DOUGLAS. Direct, Mount Abundance, Roma, Queensland. [SMH 13th February 1873 repeated 14th & 17th February 1873]
JAMES FOLEY EVANS of Ballarat, send address to Mr. CAMB, Camb's Hotel, Sydney. Important. [SMH 5th August 1873]
If Mrs. FALLON will call at Sherlock's Hotel, Pitt Street, she will get letters. [SMH 2nd January 1873]
If this should meet the eye of M. A. FARR, widow of late W. FARR, formerly of Council Chambers, Sydney, she is requested to communicate at once with Messrs. BRADLEY and RIGGS, Cannon Street, Preston, Lancashire as ? is deceased. [SMH 1st January 1873]
All last heard of in Sydney. Any information concerning the above will be gladly received by Mrs. GLOYN, Accomb House, Greenheys, Manchester, England. [SMH 18th January 1873]
JOHN GOODALL is requested to communicate at once with his wife, 362 Elizabeth Street. [SMH 8th August 1873]
If ALEXANDER GORDON (also generally known as "SANDY GORDON'), formerly a carrier on the ? Road in the district of Braidwood, will communicate with the undersigned, he may hear of something advantageous to himself. Any person knowing anything about the said Alexander Gordon, and can report satisfactorily as to whether he is alive or dead will receive a suitable acknowledgement from ARTHUR CUBITT, Missing Friends Office, Bridge Street, Sydney. [SMH 1st January 1873]
JONATHAN HALL, Sailor or Contractor, and whose last known address was Grenfell, via Sydney, New South Wales, is urgently requested to communicate with his sister, MARY ROPER, 38 Alison Street, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England, all of whose letters are returned from the Dead Letter Office marked "unclaimed." The abovenamed Jonathan Hall lost some property at Sydney by fire about five years ago and any person who would communicate information about him to the abovenamed Mary Roper would be gladly recompensed for their trouble. [SMH 2nd January 1873]
CHARLES HAND of Lincolnshire. Your brother THOMAS wishes to hear from you. Post Office, Gunnedah, Liverpool Plains. [SMH 13th February 1873]
Miss A. D. HARVEY, formerly of Manchester, England.
Mr. G. HAWKE, Jun. of Lucknow, a letter of importance for you at General Post Office. R. W. N. [SMH 13th February 1873]
Mr. or Mrs. HAYES, late of 10 Palmer Street, near Domain Gate, is requested to return the key of the house, or to call on Mr. BRADY, to save further trouble. [SMH 1st February 1873]
Mr. JACKSON, please call on BIGNELL, Printer, York Street. Further directions required. [SMH 1st January 1873]
If L. P. JACOBSON will call at 13 Margaret Street, he will see his brother JORGEN. [SMH 14th February 1873]
Mrs. JEFFERSON, formerly of Wilmslow, Cheshire, England.
L. E. H
L. E. H. Letter for you at Post Office. [SMH 1st February 1873]
Mrs. LAMB, formerly Margaret C---, of Morice Town, Devonshire, England.
If this should meet the eye of Mr. ANDREW LUTTON, Blacksmith, late of Port Dundas Road, Glasgow, Scotland, send your address to D.H., 36 York Street, Sydney. [SMH 1st February 1873]
WM. M. LYON. We have letters lying in our office for you. R. TOWNS and Co. [SMH 13th February 1873]
PATRICK MAXWELL, Blacksmith, Waterloo, Call at F. LASSETTER and Co.'s at once. [SMH 18th January 1873]
THOMAS MOSER, Esq. An English letter is lying at our office for you. GORDON and GOTCH. [SMH 8th August 1873]
If this should meet the eye of CATHERINE DUMO...?, maiden name CATHERINE MURPHY, native of K...? County, ?, Ireland, she will hear of something to her advantage from her sister in America by writing to A. C...?, Scone Post Office. [SMH 1st January 1873]
Miss MURRAY, call on Mrs. RILEY, or the dress will be sold in seven days. [SMH 14th February 1873]
Mr. ROBERTS is requested to call at Imperial Hotel, William Street. If not his box will be sold. [SMH 1st February 1873]
If this should meet the eye of PATRICK, JOHN or WILLIAM SCANLAN, late of Morpeth, their sister Ellen is anxious to hear of them. Any information will be thankfully received. E. S. PIERCE, William St. [SMH 18th January 1873]
Mr. J. SMITH, "Peterborough Lass". Call and get your watch. J. F. GRANT. [SMH 5th August 1873]
Cabman who drove Mr. SPENCER from Albert Ground - Return Opera Glass left in cab. 222 Pitt St. [SMH 2nd January 1873]
Wanted, next of kin of PETER STANDISH, deceased, of Bolton, Lancashire, England. If THOMAS STANDISH, late a Private in H. M. 36th Regiment of Foot, now or formerly Inspector of Convicts, stationed at Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia, will communicate with Mrs. ANN BRADLEY, McHale's Court, Derby Street, Bolton, England, he will hear of something to his advantage. [SMH 1st January 1873]
Mr. W. H. STRONG, (late of the Defence Force), letter for you at BURGIS and WHITLEY'S, Tailors, 257 Pitt Street. [SMH 18th January 1873]
MICHAEL TATHAM will be glad to hear from his father, Mr. GEORGE TATHAM, formerly 120 Parramatta Street, Sydney, hairdresser. Address Post Office, Melbourne. [SMH 18th January 1873]
MARGARET -----, who lived with Mrs. F., and then at Lady TAYLOR's, apply 191 Macquarie St. North. [SMH 14th February 1873]
JAMES THOMPSON, last seen on the Lachlan Gold Fields between eight and nine years ago. A native of England, a Carpenter by trade, but often engaged mining. Something of importance for you. Correspond with Messrs. HOLDSWORTH and BROWN, Solicitors, Pitt Street, Sydney or Mr. WILLIAM WEST, Durham Street, Bathurst. [SMH 15th January 1873]
JAMES TURNER, Builder, please call on HOLLAND, Bloomfield St., Surry Hills, respecting house, Park Rd. [SMH 5th August 1873]
ALFRED WALTON, who was married in Parramatta, by the Rev. Mr. SMITH, near Sydney, N. S. Wales, write to L. W. ANDERSON, Solicitor, High Street, Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland; or J. H. RAMSAY, Murray Street, Emerald Hill, Melbourne. Your wife has been left one thousand six hundred pounds and property also. [SMH 8th August 1873]
To Mr. JOHN WILLIAMSON of Melbourne. Kindly communicate at once with KEPELL, KELLY, and party, 273 George Street. [SMH 15th January 1873]
Notice.- The person in possession of ROBERT WILLS's 50 acre grant, parish of Castle Hill, may hear something to his advantage by addressing F.S., General Post Office. [SMH 18th January 1873]
Sergeant H. WORTLEY. Call 160 Forbes Street, or things will be sold in seven days. [SMH 15th January 1873]
If this should meet the eye of JOHN YOUNG from Christchurch, N.Z., please to write at once to G. W., Money Order Office, Sydney, as your wife is in Sydney in great distress. [SMH 2nd January 1873]

Every care possible has been taken with these records but, as usual, remember to check
original sources of **everything** for yourself.

Transcribed: March 2001 by Elizabeth Lopez, Sydney, Australia


March, 2001