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Shipping into Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland has a busy harbour, handling vessels carrying Masters, crew, a stowaway or two; passengers, cabin, saloon and steerage, immigrants embarking on new lives; vessles making voyages from Australian ports, London, San Francisco, China, South Sea Islands and other lands, short trips, long trips, vessels providing enjoyable times, tragedy or reports of wrecks, providing temporary homes for months on end with births at sea, deaths at sea, romances and other adventures.

Source: Historical Newspapers, The Auckland Weekly News, The Southern Cross, The New Zealander, available on microfilm from the Auckland City Library and other locations ..... .

Dedication, persistance and Genie generosity has ensured these records have been made available to Genies and Historians worldwide. Transcribed by Jacqueline Walles.

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These records cover a period from 1843 to 1875 for 100s of 1000s of passengers, a few crew, a few reports of voyages and wrecks. Individual vessels number 100s some of which docked multiple times during the period.

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G'luck and g'looking from Jacqueline Walles & Mary-Anne Warner.

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