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Shipping into Newcastle

Source: State Records Authority of New South Wales: Shipping Master's Office; Newcastle CRS C667 [X?] reel 9. The entire series from 1 to 40 cover March 1865 to December, 1896..   Transcribed by Carol Newman

These records cover a period from 1/9/1875 to 5/6/1876 for 3134 crew and from 1/8/1875 to 7/10/1876 passengers arriving 110. Individual vessels number 216 some of which docked multiple times during the period.

In the Search box below you may enter a name or part of a name, a minimum of three characters must be entered. This may be a Surname or a Vessel name. When you have identified your person follow the row across to the Docked number. Click on that number and you will be able to see all the other persons on that particular voyage.

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Vessels arriving into Newcastle have been the subject of three research projects, one by the Kiama Family History Centre, who compiled 'Index to passengers into the Port of Newcastle 1865-1881' and this is available on microfiche; the second project by Kelvin Ellis to extract Captains & passengers and the third project Carol Newman has been transcribing the Crew Lists of these vessels to ensure the information was not lost and the the results of her work are presented here for all researchers.

G'luck and g'looking from Carol Newman & Mary-Anne Warner.

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